[99] The parallel relationship structure between Kim Il-sung and his people to religious founders or leaders and their followers has led many scholars to consider Juche a religious movement as much as a political ideology. On the basis of Juche idea, the leader gave a profound explanation of the theories, strategies and tactics of national liberation, class emancipation and human liberations in our era. With the emergence of Juche as North Korea's guiding political principle since the 1960s, the familial relationship within the micro-family unit has been translated into a national, macro-unit with Kim Il-sung representing the father figure and the North Korean people representing his children. Seoul: Han Baek Co., 1990. You may have heard a lot about the mass games in North Korea, but how much do you really know about this incredible annual performance of over 100,000 people? All rights reserved. The state visit comes as the U.S. and South Korea mark the 70th year of the countries alliance that began at the end of the Korean War and committed the United States to help South Korea defend itself, particularly from North Korea. Since 2, Its back! Kim Jong-il further developed Juche in the 1980s and 1990s by making ideological breaks from MarxismLeninism and increasing the importance of his father's ideas. His birth year, 1912 in the Gregorian calendar, became "Juche 1" in the Juche calendar. North Korea is a new state, founded in 1948 as a result of the postcolonial settlement handed down by the United States and the Soviet Union ( USSR ). Juche (English: /dute/ (listen); Korean:[tute] (listen)), officially the Juche idea, is the state ideology of North Korea and the official ideology of the Workers' Party of Korea. [122] Based on his own experiences living in North Korea, Swiss businessman Felix Abt describes Myers' arguments as "shaky" and "questionable". [83] Kim Jong-il went further, stating that MarxismLeninism had become obsolete and must be replaced by Kimilsungism:[85], The revolutionary theory of Kimilsungism is a revolutionary theory which has provided solutions to problems arising in the revolutionary practice in a new age different from the era that gave rise to MarxismLeninism. Biden warns North Korea against nuclear attack The U.S. and South Korea announced steps on Wednesday to try to deter North Korea from Japan and South Korea renew ties in first summit in 12 years. If mathematical, chemical, physical and other formulas are not displayed correctly on this page, please useFirefox or Safari, System of year-numbering used in North Korea, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Kim Jong-un's birth (South Korean and U.S. records). The Gregorian date is typically included in parenthesis in these cases. Yes. Language links are at the top of the page across from the title. Using the Juche calendar, 1912 is known as Juche 1 to North Koreans. [76] In contrast to MarxismLeninism, in which a people's decisions are conditioned by their relations to the means of production, Juche argues that people's decisions take consideration of, but are independent from, external factors. [80] For the Great Leader system to function, a unitary ideological system must be in place; the Ten Principles for a Monolithic Ideological System was thus introduced by Kim Jong-il for this purpose. There is no way to directly translate it into English. Sponsored The system was introduced in 1997, three years And so shall you. Under these conditions, the price of calendars has increased as much as fourfold, and only those fortunate enough not to be worrying about their next meal can even think about which of the government-gifted calendar they want to buy. In Kim Il-Sung's Writings 31. The visit and the declaration have come at a time of increasing nervousness in South Korea about North Koreas nuclear buildup, and calls for Seoul to develop its own nuclear arsenal. Do you like what we do? Starting in the 1970s, Juche was presented as the highest and most up-to-date brand of progressive ideology. Check out our International Group Tours and book your next adventure of a lifetime. The birth year of Kim Il-sung, 1912 in the Gregorian calendar, became "Juche 1" in the North Korean calendar. As he works to explain Juche, Kim, the North Korean academic, compares it to another uniquely Korean word kimchi, the Korean staple of fermented spicy vegetables. Inflation in North Korea has caused the price of even government issued calendars to skyrocket, to the point that they have become a status symbol separating rich and poor in the isolated country, sources there told RFA. Young Pioneer Tours are the leading budget adventure travel company to off the wall, and off the beaten track destinations. [23] According to the treatise, the WPK is responsible for educating the masses in the ways of Juche thinking. ", General Federation of Trade Unions of Korea, Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front, North Korean Branch Bureau / Communist Party of North Korea, Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea, United States Army Military Government in Korea, List of World Heritage Sites in South Korea, Politics of North Korea#Political parties and elections, North Korea and weapons of mass destruction, South Korea and weapons of mass destruction, International adoption of South Korean children, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Juche&oldid=1151289363, Short description is different from Wikidata, Use of the text parameter in Infobox Korean name, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, This page was last edited on 23 April 2023, at 02:57. The calendar was adopted in 1997, three years after the death of Kim Il-sung. Years prior to 1912 (Juche 1) continue to be written as per the Gregorian calendar, there is no before Juche or similar concept. Written in English by Eugene Whong. Later that year, on North Koreas Party Foundation Day, the use of the Juche Calendar became official and all publications in North Korea started to use both the Juche calendar and the Gregorian calendar together. 76 Caoyuan Hutong.Dongcheng District, Beijing, 100027, PR China, 76A 409 , [58], Commentators have often pointed out the discrepancy between the principle of self-sufficiency and North Korea's dependence on foreign aid, especially during its economic crisis in the 1990s. Its splashed across countless propaganda signs, seeded through dozens of state media reports, at the beating heart of emotional pop songs and on the lips of the earnest guides who show off the grand monuments built in its honor. I can only translate Juche as Juche, he said. [82] However, in his 1976 speech "On Correctly Understanding the Originality of Kimilsungism", Kim Jong-il said that Kimilsungism comprises the "Juche idea and a far-reaching revolutionary theory and leadership method evolved from this idea". What are they good for? Jung Tae-il argues that certain elements of Christianity, Cheondoism, and Confucianism were appropriated by and incorporated into Juche. The official ideology of North Korea. Now, 71% of South Koreans say their country should build its own nuclear weapons, according to a poll last year by the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations, even Japanese woman of Uyghur origin wins seat in Japans parliament, US aircraft carrier arrives in Thailand after crossing South China Sea, Most Uyghurs banned from praying on Islamic holiday, even in their homes, Chinese aircraft carrier returns to South China Sea, Activist appeals to Malaysian prime minister to support the Uyghur cause, Kim Ju Aes fancy outfits and frequent TV appearances are generating resentment, In North Korea, printed calendars separate rich from poor. 2021 is year 110 on the Juche calendar. Juche stresses equality and mutual respect among nations, asserting that every state has the right to self-determination. [95] However, those familiar with cults would again posit that Juche bypasses the tenets of religion completely and instead meets the criteria of a totalitarian cult. [83] North Korean state media had previously described Kim Il-sung's ideas as "contemporary MarxismLeninism"; by calling them "Kimilsungism", Kim Jong-il sought to elevate the ideas of his father to the same level of prestige as Stalinism and Maoism. [85] This was evident in a speech presented by Kim Jong-il in 1982, during celebrations of his father's 70th birthday, in which he stated that love for the nation came before love for socialism. On The Juche Calendar or the North Korean calendar was initiated in 1997 on the third anniversary of the death of President Kim Il Sung, the same year that his birthday and the national holiday that goes with it was renamed the Day of the Sun. Back in 2015, North Korea also implemented its own time zone (GMT+08:30) which put them 30 minutes behind Japan, reflective of the timezone prior to Japanese colonisation. In contrast to these two, the Juche calendar begins with the birth of the founder of the Democratic People's Republic, Kim Il-sung. a. military-first politics) was first mentioned on 7 April 1997 in Rodong Sinmun under the headline "There Is a Victory for Socialism in the Guns and Bombs of the People's Army" ( ). This includes official documents, newspapers, radio stations, architecture, transport, banknotes, and birth certificates. What Year is it in North Korea? The Juche calendar was introduced by decree on July 8, 1997, the three-year anniversary of the passing of Kim Il Sung. RFA is not responsible for the content of the postings. We tend to render it as self-reliance, but the North Koreans never do, he said. [76] Juche, North Korea maintains, is a "man-centered ideology" in which "man is the master of everything and decides everything". Its easiest to work out the difference between 1912 and our current year (eg. [25], The North Korean government issued a decree on 8 July 1997, the third anniversary of the death of Kim Il-sung, declaring the adoption of the Juche calendar. The Juche calendar has been used universally across North Korean society since September 9, 1997. The Speeches and Writings of Kim Il Sung by Kim Il Sung (1972) Grossman. Join Young Pioneer Tours on one of our signature African adventures in Eritrea, Somaliland, or Socotra (with new destinations being added all the time), or let us plan an independent trip for you. Instead, the Gregorian calendar is simply used. In North Korea, printed calendars separate rich from poor What was once a yearly gift provided by the government is now unaffordable to most citizens. [103] According to the accounts of refugees who have been recruited to mass gymnastics, the collectivist principle has been nurtured through physical punishment such as beatings and more importantly the organization of recruits into small units, whose performances were held accountable by larger units. [23] Juche is inexorably linked with Kim Il-sung and "represents the guiding idea of the Korean revolution". Follow him at www.twitter.com/apklug. But North Korea is unique in that it is the only country that follows the Juche Calendar. Though the usual English translation is self-reliance, the concept flummoxes many outsiders. [30] In this regard, Kim Il-sung said that the WPK needed to "resolutely repudiate the tendency to swallow things of others undigested or imitate them mechanically", attributing the early success of North Korea to the WPK's independence in policymaking. "Lifting the cloak on North Korean secrecy: "North Korea's Juche: Myth or meaningful? Tour leader Greg tells us about his journey. The calendar began to be implemented on 9 September 1997, the Day of the Foundation of the Republic. 2011 thus became Juche 100. Juche was originally regarded as a variant of MarxismLeninism until Kim Jong-il, Kim Il-sung's son and successor, declared it a distinct ideology in the 1970s. In material pertaining to relations with foreign countries, "the Juche Era and the Christian Era may be used on the principles of independence, equality and reciprocity.". The ideology teaches that the role of a Great Leader is essential for the popular masses to succeed in their revolutionary movement because without leadership they are unable to survive. YoungPioneerTours.com 2023. For many outsiders, the more it is studied, the more the word can seem less, not more, defined. By Jieun Kim [57] The first domestic homemade CNC machine was introduced in 1995 and in 2017 it has around 15,000 machines. Hudson is a British writer who says he became interested in Juche in the 1980s as a young communist disillusioned with the Soviet Union. [5] In the late 1960s and early 1970s, the Black Panther Party of the United States studied Juche. [36] To accomplish military self-reliance, states must develop a domestic defence industry to avoid dependence on foreign arms suppliers. "mastermind") of the working class, meaning that he is the only legitimate representative of the working class. The countrys top diplomat was referring to North Korea by its formal name. This means that in just a few days, North Korea will begin Juche Year 112. For calamity after calamity the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Norths major aid backer, in the 1990s; a devastating famine that same decade; relentless economic sanctions there is always an answer and a solace: Juche. Should I return to the comfort of my Ger in Hovd or continue my journey onwards? Join one of our many Group Adventures through the Central-Asian Stans (including Afghanistan), or let us plan an independent trip for you from our office Almaty, Kazakhstan. As the experts in North Korea travel, weve put together a list to help you prepare for your North Korea tour, or help you decide if you want to go or not. When the Propositional Government was established in China in 1919, Korean nationalists outside of Korea also began using the Minguk years (Minguk 1 The year 1912 is "Juche 1" in the North Korean calendar. Whilst the world mostly sets its clock to when Jesus was born, there are in fact a ton of other calendars used by people around the world. Juche sasang literally means "subject idea"[9] and has also been translated as Juche thought[10] or Jucheism. Following the death of Kim Jong-il in December 2011, Kimilsungism became KimilsungismKimjongilism (-) at the 4th Conference of the Workers' Party of Korea in April 2012. [86] This particularism gave birth to such concepts as "A Theory of the Korean Nation as Number One" () and "Socialism of Our Style" ().[87]. North Koreas leader Kim Jong Un said earlier this week that its first military spy satellite that will be launched at an unspecified date. 2019 therefore becomes Juche 108. The Juche calendar is a popular souvenir among tourists visiting North Korea. ", "If North Korea isn't communist, then what is it? South Korea, for example, has spent about $5.8 billion on North Korea aid and economic projects through a government fund established in 1991 to promote inter-Korean relations, according to the Souths state-run Export-Import Bank of Korea, which operates the fund. North Korea. WebIn North Korea, they are the Workers' Party of Korea and Kim Jong-il, respectively. If you need a Juche calendar convertor check out the following linkor follow my very simple rule of thumb: take the year of the Gregorian calendar (thats the year we are in) and minus 1911 from it. We need this information in order to create your account. [82] Kim Jong-il reportedly did so to strengthen his position within the WPK, taking advantage of his father's political supremacy. The Mass Games is the worlds largest performance as approved by the Guinness Book of Records with over 100,000 individual performers participating in a synchronised dance or gymnastics act held in the worlds largest stadium. [18] Hwang rediscovered the Juche speech sometime in the late 1950s, when Kim Il-sung, having established a cult of personality,[19] sought to develop his own version of MarxismLeninism and solidify his position within the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK). # For six months from April 1990, serial killings were carried out against teenagers aged 14 to 17 and one woman in her twenties . It is based on the Juche era. The International Scientific Seminar on the Juche Idea took place in Antananarivo, Madagascar, from 28 to 30 September 1976 under the sponsorship of the Democratic Republic of Madagascar. Comments will not appear in real time. Myers argues that Juche cannot be described as a true political ideology because it does not have an underlying belief system,[120] while Alzo David-West describes it as "meaningless on logical and naturalistic grounds". In North Korea, the year system is different from what you may be used to. [78], The theory turns the Great Leader into an absolutist, supreme leader. [37] Kim Jong-il argued that it was acceptable for socialist states to receive military aid from their allies, but such aid would only be effective if the state is militarily strong in its own right. Gareth Johnson is the founder of Young Pioneer Tours and has visited over 150+ countries. [83] Not long after the introduction of "Kimilsungism" into the North Korean lexicon, Kim Jong-il began calling for a "Kimilsungist transformation" of North Korean society. Six-page double-sided calendars with color photos that dedicate an individual page for each month, printed in the capital Pyongyang, cost the most. [50][51] While North Korea received economic aid and technical assistance from the Soviet Union and China, it did not join Comecon, the communist common market. The closure of the border with China and suspension of trade made imported paper and ink scarce, and in mid-January, people still hadnt received their calendars. Thus, the current year, 2022, is "Juche 111", the next year, 2023, will be "Juche 112", and so on. North Korea sets clocks back 30 minutes creating its own time zone By Kathy Novak, Kim was born in 1912 known in North Korea as Juche 1, making this year Juche 104. What is the Juche Calendar? [38], North Korea maintained close relations with the Soviet Union and China during the Cold War, having emerged from Soviet occupation and a war which it fought alongside Chinese communists. One change is noticeable in the New Years calendar. Some critics call Juche a successful, but vaguely defined, piece of propaganda that allows North Korea to energize its citizens with a nationalistic rallying cry amid a barrage of sanctions while also dodging responsibility over claims of economic mismanagement. Its unclear how many there really are, but one devotee, Dermot Hudson, the chairman of the Juche Idea Study Group of England, said that outsiders misunderstand Juche because of prejudice and a failure to properly study the concept. Juche has been variously described by critics as a quasi-religion, a nationalist ideology, and a deviation from MarxismLeninism. It justified the superiority of the North Korean leadership, Andrei Lankov, a North Korea expert at Kookmin University in Seoul, has written. Feel free to get in contact with us if you have anymore enquiries. On September 9th 1997 all publications in North Korea began printing dates which the actual year, as well as its Juche equivalent, so as not to confuse us! [95] Korean cultural anthropologists Byung Ho Chung and Heonik Kwon liken the commemorations of Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il to Confucian ancestor worship. [79] The Great Leader is also a flawless and incorruptible human being who never commits mistakes, who is always benevolent and who always rules for the masses. The abdomen was cut with a knife It is a serial murder committed by Park Myeong-sik, a bizarre serial killer in North Korea, and only 12 people have been confirmed killed. This page was last updated at 2022-08-17 20:59 UTC. In the northwestern province of North Pyongan, the Pyongyang-printed calendars are popular, but expensive,a resident of North Pyongan province told RFA on the same day. Pioneers Korea is a fully owned subsidiary of YPT, focusing on business consultancy in the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (North Korea). [23] Kim Jong-il also criticized the Korean communists and nationalists of the 1920s for their "elitist posture", claiming that they were "divorced from the masses". A number of scholars have described Juche as a quasi-religion[94] and compared its facets to those of pre-existing religions in Korea. [73] In it, it was stated that Songun meant "the leadership method under the principle of giving priority to the military and resolving the problems that may occur in the course of revolution and construction as well as establishing the military as the main body of the revolution in the course of achieving the total tasks of socialism". Have you got what it takes? We can partner with travel agencies or individuals who want to sell our group tours to individuals or small groups, Find out what makes YPT stand out from the crowd and how we got to where we are today. The Juche calendar has influence from historical Korean calendars, and indeed of the region, where royal houses would (and in Japan still do) have era names. WebAt the Fourth Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the WPK in December Juche 110 (2021), Kim Jong Un said it is the Party's policy of rural construction to turn all the rural villages across the country into rich and cultured socialist utopia at the level similar to those in Samjiyon City in the near future. This year (2020) is Juche 109 on the Juche calendar. The Year in Korea! Though its been around for decades, some observers believe Juche has been embraced in recent years with renewed vigor by leader Kim Jong Un, the third generation of his family to rule North Korea, as he steps out with growing confidence onto the world stage for a series of high-stakes summits over his nuclear weapons program and the international sanctions crippling his economy. [26] The Central People's Committee[ja] subsequently promulgated regulations regarding its use in August 1997,[27] and the calendar entered public usage on 9 September 1997, the Day of the Foundation of the Republic. Join one of our Worldwide Adventures to places as diverse as Cuba, The Philippines, Cambodia, Nepal, or Antarctica, with off the wall places your mother would rather you stayed away from being added all the time. [75], Unlike MarxismLeninism, which considers developments in the material conditions of production and exchange as the driving force of historical progress (known as historical materialism), Juche considers human beings in general the driving force in history. One pertinent example is the Arirang Festival, which is a gymnastics and artistic festival held in the Rungrado May Day Stadium in Pyongyang. Pyongyang uses the term liberally, including in previous years at the United Nations, where a North Korean official will speak Monday at the annual General Assembly. It had no formal diplomatic ties outside the Soviet bloc, China and North Vietnam until the 1960s. Thats righ, 32nd SEA Games Kicks-Off in Cambodia 2023, North Korea Still Closed The May 2023 Update. This is exactly the meaning of Juche.. [71] The concept was credited to Kim Jong-il,[71] who posited that Songun was the next stage of development of Juche. You get the picture! Pyongyang Time has since been abolished during 2018, reverting North Koreas time zone back to GMT+9. Young Pioneer Tours were the FIRST company to pioneer trips to the Unrecognised Countries of Transnistria, Abkhazia, Nagorno-Karakabh, and South Ossetia, and we now offer a number of Group Tours, and independent packages. The method of the crime was also bizarre. ", "City of devotees devotes itself to development", "How a homemade tool helped North Korea's missile program", "North Korea: Hopefully Not a Potential Global Waco? The official national calendar, with a separate month on each page, has a government-mandated price of 3,000 won (U.S. $0.60). Kimchi was created in our country. RFA reported last year that the 2021 calendars were delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic. He said in an email that North Koreans embrace the ideology because it guarantees independence and guides them in building a new socialist society in which everyone can have a better life.. Young Pioneer Tours organize a number of Group and independent trips throughout the old Soviet Union, including Chernobyl, Chechnya, Magadan, Tiraspol, and much more. What Year is it in North Korea? Juche, which is pronounced joo-chay and most often translated into English as self-reliance, was first described in 1955 and Update now. Approximately 28,500 U.S. troops are currently based in South Korea. [105], Armstrong also notes that North Korea has actually transferred the "filial piety of nationalism in the family of the leader himself" by positioning Kim Il-sung as the universal patriarch. [79] The working class is not to think for themselves, but instead to think through the Great Leader. [81], Kimilsungism () and the Ten Principles for the Establishment of a Monolithic Ideological System were formally introduced by Kim Jong-il in 1974. The Juche calendar begins with the birth of Kim Il-sung, the founder of North Korea. This ideology was developed by Kim Il Sung himself. For those who wish to forget the lesson of history so easily and so quickly, Algeria, Vietnam, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Angola and closer to us Zimbabwe, Namibia, and Azania are excellent examples which make them deeply reflect on. Actually, theyre not unique in this respect. [79] The Great Leader is the "top brain" (i.e. The Gregorian calendar, which is what most other countries refer to, begins at the birth of Christ, 2020 years ago. The trip marks the 70th anniversary of bilateral ties between the US and South Korea and comes as Seoul seeks a stronger commitment from Washington to protect it against growing threats by the North. The countrys top diplomat was referring to North Korea by its formal name. At its fourth party conference in April 2012, the Workers' Party of Korea declared itself "the party of Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il" and KimilsungismKimjongilism as "the only guiding idea of the party". In North Korea, both calendars are often used together. Origins of North Koreas Juche: Colonialism, War, and Development by Jae-Jung Suh (Editor) Call Number: DS 935.55 O75 2013 Publication Date: 2013 (Lanham: Lexington Books) North Korea: Beyond Charismatic Politics by Heonik Kwon; Byung-Ho Chung Call Number: JQ 1729.5 A58 K86 2012 Publication Date: 2012 (Lanham, Md. [40] Although North Korea rejected the de-Stalinization efforts of Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev, it avoided taking sides during the Sino-Soviet split. As Kim Jong-il emerged as Kim Il-sung's likely successor in the 1970s, loyalty to the leader was increasingly emphasized as an essential part of Juche, as expressed in the Ten Principles for the Establishment of a Monolithic Ideological System. US to dock nuclear subs in SKorea for 1st time in 40 years. [4][5][6] It is often defined in opposition to the Korean concept of Sadae, or reliance on the great powers. Browse through our extensive North Korean group tour schedule to find a group tour that best suits you and your budget. [65] CNC machines are used for production of missiles and centrifuges. Theres a debate, however, among outsiders on what, exactly, the term means under Kims rule and why its important. [62][63] It produces UDMH fuel for liquid fuelled missiles[64] and Tumansky RD-9 Turbojet engines, which power the Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-19 and Shenyang J-6. The Juche calendar first came into practice in North Korea in July 1997 on the third anniversary of the death of Kim Il Sung.

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