I am judged on physical appearance daily. Have you heard about the campaign to #banbossy? I had time off work due to these symptoms, and was told by my MALE NURSE BOSS, Why cant you take an aspirin? This is basic self respect. How about these more accurate descriptors? Men were not all that. Dont say she has no professional training but he worked his way up. The most commonly used positive term to describe men was analytical, while for women it was compassionate. Thank you. Whether it's from unconscious bias or downright sexism, women are more frequently described with the first adjective in each set, the modifiers with negative undertones. SoI tried something new. The suggestion is that the man plants his seed in the woman. Ive lived it and its not something Id wish on anyone. Brilliant post, (as usual!) Some dont. Theres nothing wrong withbeing bubbly, but if its a word used to underestimate and undervalue womens other qualities, maybe its one to relegate. The Missus Godar points out that a woman may actually engage in a variety of bad behaviors at work. TRY USING bossy QUIZ Learn a new word every day. In any case, we hope you are now able to express what you feel about them. My husband and his WHOLE family are also less well-qualified and educated than me. "One ex-housemate, who did not want to be named, described him as a man who was difficult to get along with, very bossy and imposing.". I have been called a selfish career woman by my prudish, hyper-religious mother-in-law. They were not smarter, did not work harder and they were not brilliant or legends. Theres a lot of power in words, and its just not true that sticks and stones can break your bones but words will never hurt you. overpowering. Some people are lovely, but I often hear it used by men and women who clearly have an issue with women who do not fit the lovely mould and reserve it for those women who meet the lovely criteria. Once I got going it wasnt even thatdifficult. Or be careful to use words like spirited and feistyof men and boys too, if you enjoyusing them in a positive way. Invite others to join in 9. It is not really possible to say with any accuracy whether debate is masculine, or whether females do things differently. Dont ask her if shes running as a womens candidate unless you ask him if hes running as a mens candidate. Except for Mary the Virgin: she was a good girl. If you dont think this happens during the hiring process, then you either conveniently fail to notice because you benefit from said system or youve never worked in a hiring capacity before. You dont make any sense. He went on to accuse me of expecting everyone to conform to my way of thinking. Then I opened my eyes and took a good hard look at the world. Sure does prove to everyone that SEXISM STARTS AT HOME! It grated on me and I pondered why this might be. Men are encouraged to wear wedding rings as to appear stable. It is what we are and what our bodies are meant to do due to the increase in hormones. Reviews of women only ever used aggressive as a criticism. So, abusive language directed at women might encompass unladylike sexual behavior, such as whore, slut, skank, pussy, cunt, dyke, twat, etc. Its so so so hard to swim against the tide. Sexism, intentional or not, gives people a whole new vocabulary. Me: Thats a sexist term. Him: No it isnt. anti-democratic. What a valuable post. It's unfortunately all too common for us to hear these words used to describe womenand only womenwhile other words, like driven or committed, are used to describe men. Engage in the needs assessment 7. Like that is o.k. I dont think anyones trying to ignore bad behavior, by banning use of the word bossy, Godar says. And how I wish that all of them cold be somehow eradicated, or have their insulting message diffused. And ANYTHING that infers only females suffer depression, anxiety and eating disorders, Vile workplace terms for women: So, get your facts straight! I actually want sure why some of those words were in the list, a few of them werent female-exclusive. Language makes a difference in how we think and act, and we can train ourselves to stop using words with negative connotations, too many of which are focused on women. Career woman (have you heard of career men? When I was a little kid at infant school I was unkindly labelled spitfire because I had a strong personality and lots of energy, and I stood up for myself. This came to a head when I started my Postgrad, because it seems most of my relatives think I should not be doing it. Why do you care? Person B: Sexual violence exists on a pyramid. This article is quite validating and I feel better about initiating the conversation. For example, if you call a man a bastard you are actually also insulting his MOTHER by inferring she had illicit sex! Ive had this conversation a lot, particularly latelymy father is having a hard time processing the #metoo movement and all it entails. SHE cannot even bear to MENTION THE FACT I AM DOING POSTGRADUTE STUDY! You complain about words like bubbly, working mother, etc. but there are words that are used to describe exclusively to men too. I was looking for language that propagates violence against women, and while this list isnt that exactly, it was still helpful. They were not expected to direct activities and lead the group. For dozens of phrases for feminist parenting, check out my post here. She even accused me of being a selfish career-woman! For more on this, I really love Andie Foxs practice: A little while ago while sitting on the beach I realised how good I am at picking faults in womens bodies, my own included of course but thats not really so surprising because I know my own body very well and Ive been living in a misogynist world, oh all my life. Selfish career-woman Dont say shes had facial surgery unless you say he dyes his hair or has hair plugs. This is inspirational. Heres their entry for strident, for example: strident used primarily to describe women (especially feminists) indiscriminately and discriminatingly, strident (as well as shrill) has become a stereotype that means little more than She makes me sick! Alternatives include: harsh, jarring, raucous, dissonant, discordant, unharmonious, clashing, sharp. And if my MOTHER-IN-LAW did one, well that would surely make her on a par with GOD! Excellent article. I have worked hard all my life (3 degrees) and have received no help from any of my family, only criticism. If you call a man emasculated you are actually blaming WOMEN for doing this to him. 2. Viper That is why i left my ex, he was constantly putting me down and maked macho comment. Heres a place to start if you need it: http://women.govt.nz/work-skills/income/gender-pay-gap. Its probably more useful for society to see both fathers and mothers as people who work both at home and in other jobs, so rather than abolish working mother, it might be nice to popularise seeing men as working fathers. Premenstrual Thank you for your video and the lists; I found them to be helpful, however I do not agree with some points with Tone Policing. Feel free to exclaim that you didnt know a particular wordcould be sexist, but please dont dismiss peoples experiences as you do so. . Does she not understand the importance of leading by example? It was my fault that I only had one child as I was too much of a career woman and too selfish. Its terms like this which conditioned me into thinking men were superior. Up until about 10 years ago I thought men were stronger, more logical, naturally apt at maths and the use of tools and other stereotypes. As the #banbossy campaign points out, girls are twice as likely as boys to worry that leadership roles will make them seem bossy.. Arrogant I agree with 4 or the non gender specific terms but most of the rest are not good. Her Indoors ], Blonde (how many men are said to have blonde moments?). I too have sexist parents and inlaws. It is sad that you get so mixed up in the points you want to make, by talking about valuing people for themselves, but then wrongly accusing Feminists of not valuing the home. It certainly warrants multiple re-reads as many of those words are part of my everyday lexicon. ), Heart-breaker (and any other words that sexualise little kids, suggesting they are into romance orsex when theyre only four years old. Thank you so much for putting what I felt and feel, into such elegant words! You seem to be creating a straw, er, person. Pushy/Assertive. This is what I think: the world would be a better place if everyone stopped talking about and to women like this, especially ifits because theyre identifying and eradicatingtheir own, sometimes unconscious, sexism. Much food for thought to discuss in my positive relationships lesson with 14-15 year students next week. Hi, could you tell me which way to the cafe? When letters make sounds that aren't associated w One goose, two geese. Besides, it should be a PERSONAL CHOICE, irrespective of gender, as to whether a person wants a career, or wants to stay at home and raise babies. Andie Fox at Blue Milk writes some of my favourite stuff on how womens care work is largely unacknowledged and unpaid. Im so grateful that in the 21st centuary doctors are being trained differently than they were when i was a child and Im very pleased that I can stand my ground with the doctors despite being unwell and stressed. AND baby weight is not an insult. This term discourages women from taking on leadership roles, especially when men who exhibit the same "bossy" behaviors are lauded as leaders and rewarded with promotions. Im no expert on plants but isnt the seed formed by the female plant after pollination has taken place. Ive been able to point out words that make my shoulders clench, but I havent always been able to explain why it bothers me or what to say differently. antonyms for MOST RELEVANT modest Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright 2013 by the Philip Lief Group. In the name Eve is the lesson: Everything bad that happens is because of you females. How we speak to and about kids is a larger topic, of course. 'malicious or snide'). WHY do I get the impression that you are probably an embittered ex-nurse, or child carer, or housewife who feels somehow overlooked in their contribution to society? On several occasions, and by various different family members, my choice of attire has been criticized and insulted for example, if I went out in a short skirt as a teen, my mother would say boys will only want you for one thing! Women are more emotional than men, that is just how it is. I suppose they are just simply extremely fragile humans. 1) Lively, resilient and self-reliant 2) (US and Canadian) frisky 3) (US and Canadian) irritable None of these definitions mention gender at all. He told me not to get worked up. Id add that somewhere on the list. Jailbait I know I said this far to often and is a very hard habit to break, but now I am aware of it and I think thats the first step in change! My husband on the other hand can talk about his career until the cows come home and they hang on every word he is the great breadwinner. May this long list of words to describe a woman be continually helpful to you and that you have found it to be inspiring. They call the women guest dear and sweetheart. Actively participate in the initiative 8. I was speaking to a friend today and she has just started a new job. Males were created good; females were created bad. You also make quite a lot of demands (e.g. And doesntthe act of writing for all the world to see sound less brave and revolutionary when you slap a label on it like mummy blog? I dont hate men, and I dont see anything in this article that suggests I do. Frigid prick tease Working mother is a tricky one. Ooh I needed this. Pingback: Secondary Research for the short film A2 Media Advanced Portfolio. You see no point in mincing your words. My mother was, of course, correct in her advice: if you cant think of anything nice to say, just say nothing at all. You are in a minority. Great to see you on the Twits, too! Like another person suggested, I will start with Would you say that or use that about a man? And lovely, when used to praise women for being an idea of perfect. You dont make any sense. And my brothers have daughters, and its likely the same for them too. vulnerable, fundamental). Neurotic Your information on the gender pay gap is simply incorrect. Words used to describe bossy and interfering people, Power, authority, influence and leadership, An area or organization that someone controls. And generally sneered at by men some of whom were also nurses or might compare women to sub-human animals, such as bitch, chick, dog, cow, horse, pig, porker. What would make your list? J.C. I was musing onhow men dont get complimented on being bubbly or chatty, and that these are behaviours that are, well, unthreatening to men: is that why they are compliments? I was also told to Oh shes lovely is basically like saying oh she knows her place.. My self estim went down, I nearly wanted to suicide. They were not expected to direct activities and lead the group. Upon reading this article, I was saddened to see what this society has come to. My father insultingly called my interest in English Literature piss assed and arty-farty, whilst clearly showing a preference for stereotypically male topics like football. They do not. Pingback: Words for women | Clare Flourish. Equivalent to the medical term oophorectomy theres no judgement there, its just a descriptive term. This is a reaction to Sheryl Sandbergs current campaign to get people to stop using the word bossy when describing females. Potential is another great word. And when people start incorrectly accusing Feminists of devaluing the home or care of the vulnerable. When I managed people, I had to do countless interviews, evaluations, etc. You are doing more harm than good, and your fellow women know it! These basically mean disagreeing while female. Ass Hooters 3. Abrasive/Direct. Fantastic list! That would be a different article. Race, gender, and sexual orientation are legally protected classes for a reason. Perhaps you should have a look at the book The Dance Of Anger by Harriet Lerner, a book in which she describes gender role stereotyping, and the language that is sued to frame it. How other people choose to dressis none of anyone elses damn business. Indeed, changing how we talk to and about women will help us dismantle rape culture and raise kids who are world-changers. I was repulsedby myself. Mosquito bites Shes an economist and a brilliant writer. Finally, my WHOLE family have constantly failed to support me, undermined my achievements, thwarted my progress, and constantly insulted me. At the other extreme, the most commonly used negative term to describe men was. ! Talk about insensitive and ill-educated! I don't want to work with him because he's so. Folks are still startled when I use female pronouns or talk about God, our Mother. Select a trainer Implementation phase 6. Mary Magdalen: now she was a very bad girl it took a man to make her good. Step-by-step guide to Gender Equality Training Preparation phase 1. Lulastic recently posted5 Tips to Boost the Connection in Your Parent Child Relationship, Pingback: The Ninety-Seventh Down Under Feminists Carnival | Zero at the Bone. I feel for the younger generation of women coming through and hope they are not subjected to the same level of sexism but alas, a lot of young men are still being brought up as being the privileged gender, expecting to be the main breadwinner and having a wife at home to raise the children and do all the housework. Her indoors 2. Its up to narrow minded people to educate themselves and develop empathy, however, males dont comprehend what its been like for women and lack the empathy to try to understand it. Therefore they have subjected me my whole life to sexism in the form of overt, and veiled, comments, as follows. These harmful words run the gamut from "emotional" and "sensitive . It is something that women tend to do to ourselves, when we have achieved something some women tend to say Ive just done this or I was just about to get that to you or sorry I just thus in turn can diminish our reputation and put less value on the completed task. We can care about the language we use and still fight human rights abuses in Myanmarandchild marriage around the world. I was accused of bleating while trying to explain why it may be inappropriate for men to fundraise for a hospital by doing a bed push dressed as female nurses more . The gender wage gap does not take into consideration womens career choice, that in general just happen to be different from those of men. Fluff Oh wowzers what an incredible post Thalia! When my husband works from home he has his own business with no mention of the fact that hes a Dad.. When two men or groups of men are debating, we call it debating, or discussion. And a few months ago a friend labelled me as bossy. Loved reading this! Feelings are for everyone. You can leave your suggestions, vote for what the next article will be, and make my writing possible. Worst of all I could do it completely without thinking. Or that we should place value on x, y, or z. Typically used in the workplace. This means that he/she is friendly or able to receive others. Id add conniving to the list. I bet there are plenty more that women would like to rename or reclaim, since pretty much everyone doing the anatomical, physiological and medical naming over the years has been male. Interestingly, I can tell you for a FACT that if my FATHER, or my BROTHER, or my HUSBAND, or my BROTHER-IN-LAW did a Postgrad, we would never hear the last of how special and clever they were! SCOLDING Thanks, Sarah! Im trying to distill this great piece into a concise personnel policy. People are often surprised when I raise issues of discrimination in the church. "Abrasive alone is used 17 times to describe 13 different women. 'Pushy' Is Used to Describe Women Twice as Often as Men - The Atlantic Business 'Pushy' Is Used to Describe Women Twice as Often as Men An analysis by a Georgia State University linguist. A good test to use, if youreally do need totalk about sexual behaviour perhaps in the abstract, with a teenager is, again, only to use language that fits people of any gender. As Sarah writes, . Thank you. Host called senior colleague a C-word in text message obtained by lawyers as part of Dominion lawsuit Tucker Carlson's firing from Fox News came after he used vulgar language to describe a . Thank you, James, Pingback: 3.1 Further Research | Madison Hunt | Ihi Wehi, Bleat Isnt it just period pain? So, in sum, many words used ostensibly to insult males actually indirectly INSULT FEMALES. Breathless, adj Commonly applied to women who look 'flustered' and suggesting an inability to control. Getty Rachel, a seasoned executive in the natural resources industry, got promoted to an important role in. Consider ditching them and looking for replacements youll enjoy using to build up the kids you love. Trophy Wife I know loveable curmudgeons but Ive never heard of a loveable harridan. Minger So its a good thing weve got other words for that kind of bossy, too, she notes. Nut-crusher 1. EAT THAT! Have you ever heard a man called a gossip? I live in New Zealand, and I would definitely not describe it as hypersensitive to offence. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Amen praise god.. Men are denying sexist terminology even when it is blatant swearing. What you write, here, is both so important, and so true. It is patronising, presumptuous and insulting to dismiss a womans argument or behaviour by blaming it on her biology. Dont mention her young children unless you would also mention his, or describe her clothes unless you would describe his, or say shes shrill or attractive unless the same adjectives would be applied to a man. Emasculatory Very helpful, I have considered myself a feminist since The Womens Room was published. Token female, Insulting general terms: Now that women are moving up through the ranks in unprecedented numbers, isnt it time to help women see the upside of those character traits? None of the above is new or surprising. And as I read somewhere recently, if you think men dont start drama, you need to pick up a history book. Baby mother/Baby momma We women were toasted for our beauty. But I have taught to takenoffence to a slew of questions and comments that simply arent offensive, unless you convince yourself that they are. Sexism. Does she need some lessons in diplomacy? Am I wrong for wanting to work hard and achieve? I was just mulling this over and it occurred to me that even the words used to describe physical attractiveness are, in themselves, quite telling. One word appeared 17 times in reviews of women, and never in any of the reviews of men: abrasive. I am a gay man, and in the 15 years that I have been out, Ive never faced abuse. Subtly sexist words about women and girls. Another lad from sixth form who asked me out accused me of being snooty when I said I didnt fancy him, and then went and told all his friends that I refused to date him because I was vain and thought I was better than him! Or, maybe, I have just met bad examples? And thats before a company even thinks about hiring a woman of child-bearing age. This post still makes me chuckle. Im pretty sure sensitive, co-dependent, and drama queen are used for both genders. cocky. Thank you! Youre sensitive! is one of my favorite protest-phrases for I disagree, because it manages to make the writer lookoffended. Your article caused me to consider how I encourage the use of the divine feminine. Theyre hiding behind saying others are being politically correct (thats a bad thing to them). 6. Not only can a woman be a 'bitch', but she can also be 'bitchy' (i.e. Little woman/lady Business owner. Dismiss it as nonsense! I was reading a book recently and came across the term planted his seed in her. If youre still adding, then on medical terms that should be reclaimed, then hysterectomy is top of my list. My husband remarked casually (and just for our table) that he could see a few mingers. The point being, however, that society is erring when it tries to suggest that such things are exclusively female roles this is what Feminists try to point out. Coworkers labeled as "bossy" are described as unpopular and unlikely to be successful in the future, and "bossy" women coworkers are seen as more unpopular and less successful compared to "bossy" men coworkers. The best is on Twitter, though, so do go and follow her. If you want to understand why, read this article: http://sacraparental.com/2016/05/14/everyday-misogyny-122-subtly-sexist-words-women/. The accusation he made is cloaking his fear that I am somehow taking away his freedom of speech. Neither of my parents is University educated, and my younger brother went to University not once, but TWICE, and quit/failed BOTH times without actually completing his degree. PMS moodiness Spirited. I am sorry if this post offends. Sugar tits Finally, my husband, also trained as a Nurse, makes offensive and sexist comments to me when I am suffering from painful periods and this makes me feel unwell. A white guy trying to emulate a black rapper with overtly sexist, hateful lyrics. The worst offenders are MY OWN FATHER, who accused me of being stuck up; and my MOTHER-IN-LAW, who insults me at every opportunity she gets in such a wide range of ways that I sense all she can do is throw insults. And when we see behavior that needs correcting, lests use words that describe accurately the behaviors they need to improve. Sadly, it seems to me your opinions here are a little confused, and gender stereotypical. Theres nothing wrong with these words in themselves, but research on the references people write for graduates (see below) has shown that they are more often used for women than for men, who are more likely to get words of more ringing endorsement like excellent, accomplished or successful. The Little Lady A good test of whether or not you as a reporter are taking sexism seriously is whether you would cite race, class, ethnicity, or religion in the same context. Oh, an old woman said it? Had I been a boy, would I have been treated the same, or would my traits then have been seen as acceptable? However, my family and my husbands are religious, and of the belief that women should be subservient to men. Queen bee If people feel angry I am ok with what they feel but i never have to subject myself to emotional abuse by listening to their right to have their voice heard. We can challenge and vent all we like but will it ever change? We just deal with it as part of our reality. We can all learn from each other. English has plenty of options. Independent: a woman who is self-sufficient and not dependent on others. Also, you might like to join us here (BEST PLACE ON THE INTERNETS): https://www.facebook.com/groups/BrilliantAmazingWritersMothers/. Let's move on to another term which is bitchy. I dont take advertising or sponsorship for anything on Sacraparental. There is a whole glossary of terms that are utilised linguistically to denigrate women. Stop using these words, eh? So well trained wasmy eye that I could spot herimperfections in an instant. 10. Bossy/Strong-minded. Lots of to think about, and in the mean time, my husband and I can play bingo when we go to visit my f-in-law next week! 6. Another medical tern Boggy uterus. Active Adaptable Adventurous Affable Amiable Amicable Amusing Brave Bright Calm Careful Charming Circumspect Communicative Compassionate Conscientious Considerate Courageous Courteous Creative Determined Diligent Diplomatic Discreet Dynamic Empathetic Energetic Faithful Fearless Friendly Funny Generous Gentle Good Gregarious Helpful Honest Hopeful Women leaders often report being called "aggressive" or "bossy" by superiors or peers. Your joke contributes to a culture of violence. Pyramid of five layers: 1: the top, pinnacle = murder; 2: rape, sexual assault, physical, emotional and financial abuse; 3: harassment, threats and verbal abuse; 4: traditional roles, glass ceiling, rigid gender-based stereotypes, 5: sexist/homophobic/transphobic jokes, problematic language, objectification.

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