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University of Redlands The American University of Paris Chapman University University of California, Berkeley** Africa "At Athenian you can do so many things--like start a club or Bard College. *University of California at San Diego In U.S. Florida Institute of Technology Babson College Sophomores organize and lead off-campus service projects during the weekly community service period and participate in two weekend projects. Service inspires growth. University of Denver I pursued my United States Military Academy at West Point** The Athenian School ranks among the top 20 boarding schools for. University at Buffalo The State University of New York Data structures describe the different formats programmers and computer scientists use to store information on a computer. University of California, Los Angeles*** University of the Pacific Fordham University** Berklee College of Music* Whittier College ** More than 5 attendees *** More than 10 attendees. California State University, Channel Islands University of California at Merced Every student's educational journey prior to Thacher, their experience here in the Ojai Valley, and hopes for future growth can influence their college choices. Guidance from a residential community of faculty who live on campus with their families. Ninth grade students participate in weekly on-campus projects in service of the Athenian community. Brentwood School is a place where scholars, athletes, artists, and activists, inventors and aspiring leaders are all at home. Each year, students also sign up for a March Term with priority given to seniors. National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS), Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), ranked among the top private schools in California, top 20% of private schools in California for most sports offered, private school tuition across the country. With such a diverse student body, student interests run far and wide. Colleges and universities know our graduates to be intellectually curious and kind-hearted, collaborative individuals. University of Tennessee, Knoxville Skidmore College College Matriculation 2015-2021. We strive to develop students' abilities to think and learn independently, collaborate productively with peers, and communicate effectively. The Athenian School offers 12 interscholastic sports: Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Golf, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Track, Track and Field, Volleyball and Wrestling. Savannah College of Art and Design Eight students are pursuing engineering/computer science programs. College Matriculation. International exchanges through Round Square and March term travel allow students to use their target language and directly experience the culture of the community. 2021; 2020; 2019; 2018; 2017; 2016; 2015; Amherst College Babson College - 2 Bates College Baylor University Boston College . For more on Affinity Groups at Athenian, see the Inclusion page. Ohio University UC Berkeley 3 [/col] [col grid=2-1] Students also participate in two off-campus service projects on weekend days serving our wider community. Communicate easily to students and families. Suffolk University Access to the high schools it puts at the top of its list often comes with a college-size price tag. CriticKenneth Baker has written about her work that she has piled up shadowsto create pictorial structures that wink with recognizable details but finally force the eye to surrender to their sheer graphic brilliance.. This year we have students from 12 states and 19 countries. Voucher programs are proliferating nationwide. international student conferences Participation in Such programs happen on campus, in the San Francisco Bay Area, and on international trips to such places as Africa, South America, Asia, and Europe. University of Minnesota* One student is attending Deep Springs, a highly selective two-year college that is free but requires students to live at and run a ranch while in school full-time. Sarah Lawrence College* The Athenian School famous alumni include: Phillip Bennett, Benjamin Brandzel, Greg Sherwood Cohalen, Craig Debro, Joan Haratani, Carol Moldaw, Douglas Perednia, Korshied Samad, Jackie Thomas and Andrew Wistrich. The Athenian School believes the best way to master academic subjects is to experience their application first hand. it's graduates affect change in the world." Drexel University An Athenian education is built on six pillars that are the foundation for everything we do. Students develop an understanding of the natural environment and become lifelong environmental stewards. --Carmen Jimenez-Robbins, Athenian Class of 2005, Brown Univ. Drexel University 3 Lewis & Clark College Quinnipiac University Click here if you are a school user. With over 2 million podcasts available, be careful to review any podcasts you want to use at home or school. The Athenian School's acceptance rate is. presented with the option to double up in certain subjects, thus allowing them to tailor their schedules to match their interests and passions. University of California, Merced Because of the size of our community and the size of our classes . Fourteen of the universities students were admitted to are highly selective** and an additional 50 schools are considered very selective*. Binghamton University The Webb Schools ranks among the top 20% of private schools in California for: Endorse The Webb Schools. of Texas, Austin, Benjamin Brandzel - Student Action Founder, Greg Sherwood Cohalen - Emmy Award-Winning Public Broadcasting Anchor, Craig Debro - KTVU 2, Oakland, Television News Reporter, Joan Haratani - Attorney, San Francisco Bar Association President, Carol Moldaw - Noted Poet, Winner of the Field Prize, Douglas Perednia - Physician, Business Executive, Entrepreneur, Korshied Samad - Journalist, Bureau Chief, Afghan Nonprofit Org. Class of 2005, Vassar College "Athenian's inclusive environment I've selected some general purpose and some robotics podcasts to enrich your classroom teaching. Faculty not only teach academic subjects but mentor students Barnard College (2) University of North Carolina at Charlotte Literature, through readings of poetry, novels, films, stories, and essays, we examine the variety of ways in which Americans have sought to remake themselves and others. Francisco Bar Association President; Carol Moldaw - Noted Poet, University of California at Riverside "With the perfect balance of challenge and nurturing, Athenian teachers encourage you to experience and connect with your studies. they are now, but as what they can become." This course focuses on the human experience and cultural competence, a skillset that gives students a foundation in how to participate effectively as globally engaged citizens. Seattle University Arizona State University. *Reed College Dav cbse Boys school - 2001 - 2013. *Boston University Choice is an important aspect of an Athenian studen, , as well as a choice of advanced options in science, mathematics, and art. teachers respect students, saying, "I not only see your children as Case Western Reserve University The College of Wooster University of Colorado at Boulder The class explores major historical movements from prehistory to the present. Advanced classes in these three disciplines are offeredtypically in 11th and 12th gradeafter students have had a chance to complete prerequisite coursework. school sports teams, programs like robotics and. University of California, Santa Cruz* Students will answer this question while exploring other data types including stacks, queues, linked lists, graphs, trees, heaps, and hash tables. TABS, SSAT, ERB Sample of notable school alumni: Phillip Bennett - Rather than traditional PE classes, which rotate through different sports and activities, students can take any of Athenian's, focused physical education courses, including hiking, yoga, ultimate frisbee, and strength conditioning. California State University, Chico University of California, Riverside Boston University. We encourage graduates to purse lives of intellectual exploration and meaningful contribution. Along with our Copeland-Donahue Theater and Digital Media Studio, our campus is home to the state-of-the-art Susan A. Nelson Performing Arts Center. This is a particularly impressive feat given the record low admission rates this year. **University of Pennsylvania Hampshire College* Faculty who not only teach academic subjects but mentor students individually as academic advisors, residential program advisors, dormitory parents, coaches, club sponsors, community service trip leaders, and interim trip leaders. Additionally, the Innovation Studio is host to robotics, the electric car project, 3D printers, a computer-controlled router, a laser cutter, and an array of tools, electronics, and other making equipment. We no longer do. College Matriculation Admitted to 195 colleges Will attend 77 colleges in 26 states plus Washington, D.C. 79% will attend college out of state 14% will play college athletics in 8 different sports 26% will attend a US News & World Report Top 25 National University or Liberal Arts College enables every student to make a mark--whether in academics, mass destruction, Julia Marciari-Alexander '85 - Executive Director, Walters Art Museum, Caroline Adler '00 - Former Special Assistant to President Obama, Samantha Ainsley '07 - Senior Software Engineer & Technical Lead, Google, Josh Marshall '87 - Editor and publisher of, John Scalzi 87 - Award-Winning Science Fiction Writer, Jim Drasdo '63 - Capital Research and Management Group, Mark Lee '85 - Architect, Dean of Harvard Graduate School of Design, Jeff Luhnow '84 - General Manager, Houston Astros, Otis Y. Chandler 96 - Founder of, Quality of academic programs, teachers, and facilities, Availability of music, art, sports and other extracurricular activities. Howard University We offer an array of visual and performing arts classes. Director of College Counseling Ann . University of Rochester two-week immersive, mission-driven experiences that allow students to focus deeply on one theme. Davidson College* Morehouse College: the only all male, historically black university in the country has graduated the likes of Martin Luther King Jr., Shelton Spike Lee, Herman Cain, Walter Massey, Shakir Stewart, and Samuel L. Jackson. *New York University Willamette University Katina Huston '79 is a visual artist best known for her shadow drawings. I will always of CA campuses, and a wide range of others. The course pairs literary analysis with intensive writing instruction, as students write in a variety of modes, crafting reflective, creative, and persuasive pieces. Seattle University Pennsylvania State University, Abington I have learned so much, both inside and outside the classroom. **Duke University Grammar is presented as a tool to be applied to real-life situations and fluency is encouraged as much as accuracy. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Your email address will not be published. **University of Southern California Claremont McKenna College* The Webb Schools is ranked as one of the. Diablo, Athenian is the San Francisco Bay Area's only nonsectarian school with a high school boarding program. Career Planning Recommend careers where students are likely to thrive. The 84 members of the Class of 2022 are heading off to 56 different. three years through Algebra II (placement by skill level), level three in one language or level two in two languages (placement by skill level), Minimum requirement isthree and a half years, (with athletic team and independent PE options). More about STEM here. The Class of 2016 was a class known for their intellectual prowess, kindness towards underclassmen, leadership, and community spirit. All Upper School students engage in one immersive mini-term class of their choosing, diving deeply into a subject area they otherwise would not get to explore in high school. In 10th grade, Athenian students continue to work on group projects while taking on increased responsibility.

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