Cookies are required to view this content.Change your preferences at "Ours was the first salaried general dental practice in Grampian. hhm being born there and having to live there. The reputation the area has, it's as if we're all on the buroo and on drugs. You're going to get that anywhere. By SandraAberfeldy. I was brought up here and now I share a flat with other youth workers. Here, everyone knows you.". Two singles followed as the 1960s began and before long the newly named Johnny Gentle was setting off on a tour of Scotland with a bunch of Liverpool lads. You can make a complaint by using the report this post link . Aberdeen teen with rare brain condition gets six-figure boost to fund surgery. Rabbi Harold Kushner, seen here on July 10, 2008, had a way with words that resonated Buchan and James Buchan.[13]. Anyone I speak to sees it going down because nobody is tackling it. Get all the latest Aberdeen news and headlines sent straight to your inbox by signing up to our free newsletter. It remains an important commercial fishing port "I think Govan has gone downhill. "Drugs has a hold on this town just now, it really does, you are afraid to go out your front door. 3 Cool, Hidden, and Unusual Things to Do in Fraserburgh, Scotland Updated September 30, 2022 Share Tweet Email Attractions Trips Map Leaderboards Hotel Deals Unusual Attractions in Fraserburgh We lived in a flat in Barlanark, and then that place started to go down the tubes so we moved to a two-up, two-down semi. Whach out for norman he is a randy little cunt. Man, 52, found injured in Kincorth street in Aberdeen as police appeal launched. I didn't have the opportunities and the freedom he's got. If you walk down Govan or go to Govan Cross there are only one or two shops there; there's nothing else. But the area has improved immensely in the past few years. This page was last edited on 14 April 2023, at 20:09. One of the things our customers say is you can sit in here and see anyone. Has no-one ever heard (or is it a saying of the now distant past) IF YOU BREAK IT YOU WON'T GET ANOTHER ONE!!! They have forgotten all about Govan. and 'that's great'. The patients we have are very loyal and have been coming here for a long time. If we have meat, we have vegetables with it, but we often have a salad or a vegetarian dish. The herring season also brought with it an additional 1,200 people working in the Parish. "It's okay here. WebThe worst thing about Peterhead is screwed up folk who slag off beautiful quines like Emma Culley cos they are pig ugly and soo jealous of other people. Fraserburgh Harbour provides services to the fishing, oil and gas, commercial and offshore renewables sectors. !x yeh dinnah get such a bloody thing nooz aah days cuz thu prices arr soo crazy thit yooh want teh savour ivery draw! "That probably changed me because I don't want to go back in there. [22], Strichen Community Park, near Fraserburgh. The place itself was nice but the tenants needed a lot of support. To admit I needed help was the hardest thing, and I've never looked back. WebThe most popular things to do in Fraserburgh with children according to Tripadvisor travellers are: Museum of Scottish Lighthouses; Fraserburgh Heritage Centre; Is climate change killing Australian wine? There are gangs of teenagers who hang about at night - a lot of the guys are in gangs, and everybody knows which gang everyone else belongs to - but there are community wardens out from 6pm onwards, and then the police start to come out too. This website and associated newspapers adhere to the Independent Press Standards Organisation's Fraser Turnbull, 21, is a final-year civil engineering student at Aberdeen University. WebDiscover the top 20 things to do in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire right now and enjoy unforgettable family days out near you in 2023. Whoever wrote stuff about my son Ewan Mowat im taking this further !!!! EVERYTHING NO WONDER NOONE WANTS TO STAY HERE. All my brothers - I've got four - had trades. From a population of an estimated 1682 in 1755, a population of about 2,000 was recorded in 1780, of whom 1,000 resided in the town proper. Something needs to be done because this is definitely one of the worst things about Tennessee. It should have been a safe space for informed debate, somewhere for readers to discuss issues around the biggest stories of the day, but all too often the below the line comments on most websites have become bogged down by off-topic discussions and abuse. There are flats across the road that are virtually all empty and boarded up, and I think they're being demolished and rebuilt, which will improve the look of the street. Always stuck in the same rut, year in year out. I work in the local development company. The people either side of us in the queue bought the flats either side of us in the building, which is lovely. That will significantly change the character of the community in the longer-term.". "I've been here since September 2004 and everybody knows everybody. We look forward to hearing from you on "When you've got children, you make an effort to have a healthy family lifestyle. They thought it was a hell-hole, but for me it was a wee break, and they used to laugh.". An icon of a circle with a diagonal line across. While fishing is the She suggested I apply for the 16-19 programme for people from Social Inclusion Partnership areas. By 1570, the Fraser family had built Fraserburgh Castle at Kinnaird Head and within a year a church was built for the area. CollegeDegrees360 / Flickr Unfortunately, that's even lower than the national average. It was originally going to be somewhere else, but there happened to be room available here. The crime stats also show that almost 100 neighbourhoods at the other end of the table are equally crime-free, with all of them tied in 6928th position. The Sean Connery Foundation said four recipients across Scotland - including Station House Media Unit in the Granite City - would get a combined 1million. all the junkies in Fraserburgh. There's always a difficulty with keeping the environment tidy, and there are spasms of vandalism, but the community police keep in touch with the tenants' association. flaggi full of kids who stole there mums car and end up puttin in a park peterheaders dont need a brain scan cos havent got a brain! smacksmack dealers,smack users,crack ho's and too much weegie scumbags. Yes there are a lot of 'smack heads' but aren't there lots of those in every town/village/city?. SSSSSSSSSSSMMMMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK Worst things??? Christine Birnie, 68, is the Fairmuir representative for the Community Regeneration Forum (CRF) in Dundee and the treasurer of the local residents' and tenants' association. 2 much junkies and fucking skateboarders bunch a poofs, lynn hornell and her man eating games grow up and find your own man you cow, watch you car or westy will scrach it like the did to mikes en ha ha and westy you car is next so watch you back you smack head, Billy Bunter the guy that is in dept but orders new front door and jeeps and put it down to the boat bunter we know you are -10000 i think you take the piss out of the aol see you in the police station ha ha ha, Gary bruce the gorilla comes out and terrorises the broch and ewan kicks everybody in! Fraserburgh (/frezrbr/; Scots: The Broch or Faithlie;[2] Scottish Gaelic: A' Bhruaich) is a town in Aberdeenshire, Scotland with a population recorded in the 2011 Census at 13,100. Everything's so expensive now. The home comes with some stunning features, including an indoor hot tub and sauna, several bedrooms and bathrooms, a large garden complete with a seating area, and even an allotment. "When we were thinking about where we wanted to live, Glasgow came out on top. Here we speak to the people who live or work in them. Libraries. A Gannett Company. "I want to carry on working with young people and I'd really like to work in a developing country. As a subscriber, you are shown 80% less display advertising when reading our articles. The Reverend notes that shipbuilding had become a main industry in the town, especially after 1784, and that the locals were making donations and seeking government assistance to have the harbour enlarged.[7]. "My husband, Allister, 76, has recently had replacement knee joints and his walking is now limited, but he has no major health problems.". Because I've lived there all my life, I just don't see it that way; it's just home. 4 stars out of five; Excellent - 88; Terrible - 9; Based off 173 reviews. We are mainly council housing, something like 70per cent, but, even then, I'd say that Stockethill would be one of the council housing areas people would be requesting to move to. "We find it difficult to get teenagers into our shop. Horrible places populated by horrible people. comment..!! It puts us at the heart of the community.". Because the town houses have quite a few rooms they're all family-oriented so there are a lot of children growing up together at the same time. I personally don't c it as a problem, many places over scotland,england and all over the world has bigger drug abuse problems than in Fraserburgh. I think training is the key, and being able to do it while doing the job is a real bonus. Nowadays, the biggest employers are call centres. FIVE Fraserburgh fishermen were lost yesterday when their boat overturned in heavy seas midway between Shetland and Orkney. Dr Wisley is a fucked up wanker!He will say anything 2 get in a paper.I think he should get 2 fuck away fae the Broch. We used to travel all over the country. "It's incredibly sad to think that that level of attrition has happened in a community that's so tight-knit.". Fraserburgh has a number of sporting facilities including a swimming pool, ten-pin bowling alley, tennis courts, martial arts dojo, skatepark and football pitches. We've had a lot of patients stop smoking as well, so it's improved a lot.". Then, after I left, I was told by a youth trainer in the area that my results were better than everyone else's and I had potential. I know Seaton is one of the worst areas for health: I think it's heart disease. The figures are based on the number of serious Read about our approach to external linking. King Charles Coronation - Aberdeen events planned to celebrate historic occasion. The secret mine that hid the Nazis' stolen treasure. So we thought, well, the customers are around, they're just not being catered for. My father worked for British Steel and my mother was a housewife and a cleaner in the mornings. Flaggie, drugs, djs, (well, fit do all them things have in common? Temperature extremes have ranged from 26.6C (79.9F) in July 1995 to 14.4C (6.1F) in February 1991. You may want to read Twitters cookie policy, external and privacy policy, external before accepting. And if you aren't already, make sure you join the conversation over on our Facebook Groups and Aberdeen Live Instagram. "The dental practice burned down a few years ago and never re-opened, but we're turning a block of derelict houses into a practice which Glasgow University will use for training and it will offer free treatment to local people. Fraserburgh Beach. She said, 'Look at the size of that garden - it's like a jungle.' "My wee brother was just five months old when we moved. The in bred hatred of incomers in the Broch is unbelievable especially when everyone has someone who lives somewhere else, I used to work wi folk who had relatives all over the world n they still made snide remarks aboot Glesgy tinks n how folk shud bide far they come fae. Rubbishhhh!!!! The first-ever lighthouse in Scotland was build in Kinnaird Head and now forms part of the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses. "To be honest, I knew absolutely nothing about this area before I moved here. In the past four years crimes of dishonesty have dropped by 27per cent and vandalism by 18per cent. As such, summer highs and winter lows are heavily moderated, with mild winter temperatures for VisitScotland excludes all liability for loss or damage caused by any reliance placed on the Content. expect a wee town like the broch to be like a city and because But then there's nothing for them to do. WebFraserburgh - plagued by heroin in the 1990s - is facing what officers describe as an "influx of dealers" from the north west of England. Hungover youth had worst Sunday of his life after realising he trashed Fraserburgh flowerbeds. "We have a great community council that takes care of all the bits and pieces. The flats ranged in price from GBP47,000 to GBP84,000. I've got my gold.". As such, summer highs and winter lows are heavily moderated, with mild winter temperatures for a location so far north. "Kids have got no jobs to look forward to; the council is the worst run in Scotland; they are trying to downgrade the hospital and there is a fiasco about schools closing. In early 2009, a group of MPs from the Scottish Parliament held a petition committee meeting in the school. All his pals are here.". CLOWN PRINCE. The town has several attractions including an award-winning beach,[21] a major commercial harbour, Kinnaird Head Lighthouse, the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses, Fraserburgh Heritage Centre and the community war memorial by the Scottish sculptor Alexander Carrick. "It's beautiful. It is intended to provide real time availability information relating to accommodation which is also provided by third parties. Caroline Pettigrew, 43, is a school dinner lady. I was horrified; it was like a cattle market and the staff we met had terrible attitudes. But I carried on going to work so I could meet other people and have a wee night out with the girls. It needs modernising. Alice Irvine (1935- )Giving the town of Fraserburgh 40 years of voluntary services to the community with her work with Fraserburgh Junior Arts Society and other groups over the past 40 years. Ten years ago we moved into a town house literally five minutes'walk away. But they're planning to sell half the playing fields outside our back window for building, which we're not happy about. Fraserburgh. "My wife and I are New Zealanders. They're mostly council tenants, but there's talk of demolishing a lot of Seaton to build private housing. The internet cafe attracts young people, but it also has smoking cessation groups and sexual health sessions. Fraserburgh Leisure Centre 17 Bowling Alleys By chazzer22018 See article - Thomas Blake Glover. 4. They are selling misery. We ask for your permission before anything is loaded, as they may be using cookies and other technologies. In 1923 the GNSR was incorporated into the London and North Eastern Railway, which was in turn nationalised on 1 January 1948. SOMEONE BURN IT NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Apostleship of the Sea, a seafarers charity, has a port chaplain in Fraserburgh. Now I've got a new lease of life. Language links are at the top of the page across from the title. Their daughter, Jennifer, 23, is a law student. The school has had many successes these past few years including having several of its pupils gaining prizes over a number of years in a nationwide photography competition - Focus Environment. "We've been open for two years now and 90per cent of our custom is local. The target was successfully achieved and the monument unveiled by Flora Fraser, 21st Lady Saltoun in August 2010. Video, The secret mine that hid the Nazis' stolen treasure, MasterChef Australia host Jock Zonfrillo dies, Four dead after suspected pigeon racer dispute, Adidas sued by investors over Kanye West deal, Suspected IS chief killed in Syria, Turkey says, UK chip giant Arm files for blockbuster share sale, Pope urges Hungarians to 'open doors' to migrants. WebFraserburgh. THE FEKING HYPOCRITES..2OH I HATE TH JUNKIES2 THEN YOU'LL SEE THE SAME PEOPLE OUT TRYING TO SCORE YA BUNCH O TWO FACED WANKERS..YOU ALL KNOW WHO YOU ARE!! no fu**ing good shops!!! I've got a good career just now but I want to broaden my horizons a wee bit. We may then apply our discretion under the user terms to amend or delete comments. He is always away working but this is his home. "There is definitely crime. "The strange thing about Greenock is that it is probably an area where the majority of people are on minimum wage but the houses getting built are in a higher bracket for commuters. Data returned from the Piano 'meterActive/meterExpired' callback event. Nithing Ti Dee, It's Nae Wonder Abdy Gets Bleezin Ndd Walks Abt Eh Streets Is It? "There's a lot of regeneration going on. It divides the entire country into 6,976 data zones - known as intermediate zones - with an average population of about 800 people. By Ben Hendry. She has lived in the area for 30 years with her husband, Ian, 61. The figures are based on the number of serious violent and sexual crimes recorded in each district, along with crimes of dishonesty, vandalism and drug offences, writes the Scottish Daily Express. Myles Joyce, 16, spent time in the scandal-hit Kerelaw residential centre in Ayrshire. It'll be good. Brian Topping,Try counting (this puppet of Alex Salmond) How much times Brian toppings name appears in fraserburgh herald.WAKEN up brian and get yer finger oot o yer erse. This includes three Church of Scotland congregations and four Pentecostal congregations (Elim Pentecostal, Assembly of God, Calvary Chapel and Emmanuel Christian Fellowship). narrow minded typicle broch assholes. Still got the same attitudesmall minded! I don't do any formal exercise, but I try to concentrate on eating healthily. My mum was trying to keep me in so I started running through the house smashing windows and smashing the house up. She said: "A number of our clients who all went to school together will tell us about photographs that they've had of their classes and a few of them have said I'm the only person left alive from that picture. There were a further 200 people in the village of Broadsea.[7]. "At one time Greenock had sugar refineries and heavy industry and boys could learn trades. I'd build a bungalow nearby and I'd take all my neighbours with me. The 142mph (229km/h) gust was recorded on 13 February 1989 at Kinnaird Head Lighthouse. Caroline Kane, 20, an administrator at James Watt college, lives with her mother. The road has since been cleared and enquiries are ongoing. Crack cocaine also took a heavy toll on the town's young population, many away for days at a time at sea, spending their wages on drugs once back ashore. WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND! Fraserburgh. On this occasion Coxswain Andrew Ritchie, Mechanic George Duthie, Bowman Charles Tait, Assistant Mechanic James Noble and Crew Members John Crawford and John Buchan all lost their lives - the only survivor was Charles Tait. We are doing this to improve the experience forour loyalreaders and we believe it will reduce the ability of trolls and troublemakers, who occasionally find their way onto our site, to abuse our journalists and readers. 5. i think not but i do it was a rancid haven for the glue sniffing population of the town and to hold disregard to Gray and Adams is nonsense after all in the process of removing the bloody thing they gave many much needed jobs to people in the town!!!!!!!! In fact, I know that's true. A host of Scotland's best beaches were included in the rankings, with the Aberdeenshire town the sole representative for the north-east among a host of east coast destinations. Braeside, Mannofield, Broomhill and Seafield North, Aberdeen bishop Rev Anne Dyer has suspension lifted after appeal to Scottish Episcopal Church, Councillor backs plans for statue at Aberdeen's Duthie Park honouring academic who saved millions of lives, Aberdeen business lands offshore wind contract with leading European energy firm, Police looking for dashcam footage after 76-year-old man and 80-year-old woman struck by car in Stonehaven, Scotland's 100 worst and best areas also included several towns in Aberdeenshire. "South Inch does have problems. "Paradoxically, what's happened, I understand, is that property prices have gone up. The Rev Ian M Aitken, Church of Scotland "I'm surprised we've come out on the list of the 22 unhealthiest wards in the UK. 6. "I moved here 20 years ago when I took the post of senior warden in the sheltered housing. "The regeneration has given me great opportunities. Fraserburgh could have Internet Cafe's, Big name shops, Cinema's, even International Football Stadiums but they would all be vandalised and abused by the same people who have requested such things. fighting down the beach .. i walk my dog and i got smacked in the face from a young boy with a bottle of vodka in his hand i was terrified! "I moved away for about eight years and lived in the south of Glasgow. I eat fairly sensibly. The society conducts pantomimes, plays, musicals and variety theatre, and has also been involved in all the major community events in Fraserburgh. ALL THEMN FUCKIN TINKS IT BUCHAN ROAD CHIPPY WEE THERE FUCKIN TRACKYS ON AND THERE CAPS HANGIN AFF THERE HEED, nicki anne mclaine ,fuking crazy fat cow bides aside buchan road chippie batters teenagers, all the tinks and neds that go about with a bottle o bucky thinking they are so solid, its nae happenin ata. Some people have made a life of it but it's not a real job, it's not a skill. Police Scotland said significant high-profile activity would continue to take place across the area over the next two weeks. She wouldn't let anybody stand on her foot, she would just tell them off. I know this because I have regular meetings with local groups. Aberdeenshire, Fraserburgh. I suppose we've ended up with the good ones. I moved back after my father died, to be with my mother. [19], Some 10% of residents stated the Scots language to be their primary language used at home, whilst 63.1% reported being able to speak it.[20]. Steven hall is a homosexual predator who hangs around street corners with his skin tight jeans asking random blokes for a pound a blow job. Police are appealing for anyone with information to come forward after the man was found injured on Cairngorm Drive on Tuesday morning. "There's a strong community spirit in Mastrick and everybody looks after everybody else. Aldi unveils renewed plans for Macduff store with hopes of opening by Christmas. The Inverness district at number two includes the train station along with Union Street and Queensgate.

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