Suggestion: Normally it has nothing to do with clutch fan. Paying attention to your vehicle is the first step in an accurate diagnosis, effective repair, and reliable vehicle. Like any other part, fan clutches can develop issues that, if left unchecked, can be both devastating and costly. Viscous fan clutch is going to be the norm when more industrial engine uses ECM/ECU. Coolant temperature sensor circuit problems can set a DTC. Even when the drive is off the fan will spin between 50-300 rpm. %%EOF When I said DO NOT TEST, that's with the method described with the rag. In addition to regulating engine temperatures with razor-sharp precision, viscous-operated fan drives can produce lower emissions, decrease noise pollution, provide fuel savings and ultimately increase performance. If it feels rough or does not turn then replace the drive. Both parts tend to wear out at about the same time, so if one is giving you trouble, the other may not be far behind. If an open or shorted condition has developed in the electronically controlled viscous fan clutch circuit, a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) can be set. If you end up in full lock, the thing is somehow getting a constant positive, the pcm should see that and set a light because its command and actual are different. A failing fan clutch could leave you stranded with expensive repair bills, so pay attention to these symptoms. While youre at it, consider the performance and fuel economy benefits of upgrading to electric cooling fans. The "drive disc" spins freely in the housing except for the silicon fluid. The oil flows to and from the main chamber as engine heat fluctuates, engaging and disengaging the clutch. This means that the fan should power down at higher speeds because the rushing air is sufficient for cooling the engine. The fan won't roar. For your own safety, you should never attempt to manually test your fan clutch while the vehicle is running. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. I agree, a T444E will get hot easily unless cooled well, so the fan clutch is critical. I dont want to go near the fan and try and stop it. Consider the symptoms listed above and be aware of potential failure. and A Transmission Fluid & Cooler Lines Flush, too? ~HO8$/` qAXwx$XA, uHfX m@;d;Hh22Ig 7Ya Develop the tech skills you need for work and life. Normally it's caused by faulty clutch fan, Possible Cause: Clutch fan wire got cut/pulled by foreign factors. All it does is freewheel and has no resistance. When cruising, the vehicle moving through the air pushes air through the radiator, cooling the engine. Firstly, check to make sure something hasnt gotten caught or wrapped up around the back of the viscous fan clutch. Viscous drives with CSD hold oil in the reservoir while the engine is off, so the fan disengages up to 80 percent faster than standard viscous drives. (The previous clutch had loose bearings.) They contain a drive and driven plate with annular grooves that fill with a thick viscous silicon fluid. 0 Once stopped I can hold with light pressure of single finger or thumbpad, and after revving at 2k RPM same result to stop and hold. Overheating constantly, in trafc and on long pulls Check the coolant level. VAT No. The clutch is full of viscous fluid, so the air friction on the fan starts overcoming the friction of the fluid in the clutch and it stops accelerating with the engine. Simply follow the steps below and you rill receive a replacement part number. '06 Trailblazer LS, '14 Silverado LT Z71, and '17 Jeep Renegade Trailhawk, "Chance Favors The Prepared Mind" Dr. Louis Pasteur, You can't have my fish, but if you ask nicely, I'll help you catch your own. OK. This is considered normal and may last more than 3 minutes in cooler climates or at lower driving speeds resulting in fan roar. This fluid's flow is regulated by a bi-metallic spring that opens and closes a control valve. Right when it stop it tried to "tick" forward as I was holding it. Contact Whatsapp: +6012 879 3220 if you need any product! Check to make sure each of the bolts holding the fan clutch in place is secure and intact. Vehicle overheating One of the first symptoms that is commonly associated with a bad or failing fan clutch is an overheating engine. . All browsing and transactions within are secured by an SSL Certificate with high-strength encryption. DIY: Viscous Fan Clutch - Silicone Oil Refill Pine Hollow Auto Diagnostics 450K views 7 years ago 1995-2004 Toyota Tacoma fan clutch rebuild. Not everyone has a scanner that can command the fan clutch. If the ground breaks it's the same. This includes heavy- and medium-duty trucks, agricultural tractors, vocational and specialty vehicles. 0000001016 00000 n >Vyzy{=sUt\z^{W{7^sU:GWEzz5x=^s^[=^s+^o=^s{O=:y{^o==r. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. The fan clutch should be disengaged with no voltage applied. GB 447 5091 38. Never attempt to inspect or handle any of the mechanical components in the engine compartment while the engine is running. y8#870S9sA1\ Check with diagnostic tool scanner - See if the readings reach the desired levels, 6. Give us some info about your project, and a Horton rep will contact you. Identify Your Viscous Fan Clutch. Found loose internal connections at the harness connector on the clutch and tightened them up a bit. Roaring. 0000066928 00000 n The engine temp reads a little low all the time, about 2-3 notches below 210. 0000001421 00000 n adobe:docid:photoshop:f99bcbb8-4863-11d9-b0f7-b8eb50f766bb Identify Your Viscous Fan Clutch If you are unable to find a part number on your viscous fan clutch, our easy-to-use fan clutch identification system will walk you through the process of measuring it to determine the proper replacement. The fan clutch experts at Kit Masters can help you identify your fan so that you can determine the correct replacement. rS&cD5Ts6'E7FdU()8GHVe*9:IJWXYZftugvwhijxyz i !1AQa"q2#BR 3br$Csc%4S5&DTdEU' During engine start up, the EV fan clutch will engage and match engine speed for up to 3 minutes. 0000025483 00000 n By opening and closing the fluid port valve, the PCM controls the fan speed. You can also perform this test while the vehicle is parked and in neutral gear. Sometimes a customer will complain about a roaring noise coming from the engine bay. We use cookies and similar web technologies to recognize your repeat website visits and preferences and to analyze traffic. Always check for manufacturer's specifications for any special procedures. 0000057354 00000 n Subject: Troubleshooting Vehicles Equipped with Viscous Fan Drives Qualify by assuming the vehicle to be in OEM condition. Set the 0000049755 00000 n Engine overheating at low speed or when stopped is the most-common fan clutch failure symptom. Squeaks while doing it too. Clutch fan check - See if any visible damage on clutch fan 3. 0000060428 00000 n I'm open to ideas. B=uJqc-I]-Y;6?VGx#qL.Vb&3Lv.EA5NYH$9&V=%n" Wire check - See if the wire to ECU is normal, 4. Very good info on the function of the EV Clutch however, the quick function test requires a Tech 2. Squeaks while doing it too. It would definitely do damage. 0000069649 00000 n 1 0 obj<>/Metadata 259 0 R>> endobj 2 0 obj<> endobj 3 0 obj<> endobj 5 0 obj null endobj 8 0 obj<>/Font<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC]/ExtGState<>/Properties<>/MC1<>>>>>>> endobj 11 0 obj<> endobj 18 0 obj<> endobj 44 0 obj<>stream Most clutches will fade with time as spring-type clutches lose thermal sensitivity and fluid-filled clutches lose fluid viscosity. Viscous fan drive technology Precise thermal management that does so much more than keep engines cool. I think its doing what u r saying, just hard to tell how hard it should be trying to pull out of hand. If you have difficulty rotating or it's just stuck, then it could be either foreign object or clutch fan. A new radiator fan and thermal fan clutch, ready to keep your engine cool. A noisy, constant droning noise from the fan. These elements are natural in the process of Writing in a foreign language. Registered in England. Keep holding it while the engine gets hotter, As it gets hotter, you should start feeling some tugging from the fan trying to get it going. Once viscous fluid is in the working chamber, shearing of the fluid results in fan rotation. image/tiff endstream endobj 45 0 obj 216635 endobj 46 0 obj<>stream Success stories from users of variable-speed cooling solutions. Will go feel it again. As engine temperature increases, look for a sudden jump in fan speed. Alternatively, an optical tachometer can be used to measure fan speed. 4294967295 0000066631 00000 n 1 hz on the cooling fan speed signal circuit equals about 1 rpm of actual fan speed. Due to their control by the engine computer, they don't experience air leaks. The 2 halves opened. Mack truck 2014 cxu613 mp8 .i replaced clutch fan controlled by air solenoid but now fan kick in 180 f till drops temp 150f on hill at high load.scr derating sign shows into dash but there is . This is true, especially if the fault is in the engine cooling system and youre unsure the fan clutch symptoms to look for. Like all viscous fan clutches it may be turning, but is it working correctly? The issue actually turned out to be a minor blown head gasket, with coolant slowly being shifted into the overflow bottle at high RPM and not being sucked back in, but the engine was able to get warmer because the viscous fan clutch wasn't working properly. adobe:docid:photoshop:2ce534b1-d8a3-11d8-a54e-a63691f3af4c 0000070596 00000 n If it feels the same, then I would assume the clutch is done. uuid:2ce534b2-d8a3-11d8-a54e-a63691f3af4c I keep using it as an example on how to test the fan so thought it would be prefect for this article. You could also put 12v+ to the white wire at the clutch (or at the relay if you can figure out which terminal it is). 2004-12-07T12:21:43-05:00 I just repaired a electro viscous clutch today on my 02 TrailBlazer. In most cases, fan blades are designed to flex up to. We don't all go to a dealer to get work done right away. If the noise from the engine is too loud, try popping the hood to prevent the sound from being muffled. A little heat is a good thing, improving fuel vaporization, performance, and fuel economy it also warms up the cabin in the winter. Before you go looking for your fan clutch, make sure your vehicle is in park, with the engine off and the handbrake firmly engaged. The Coolant in the Reservoir is nice and Orange like it should be but the Coolant in the Radiator is a Green-ish/Brown-ish color. It's often compared to a jet engine. The pwm feed is positive so if that breaks it defaults to unlocked. Viscous Fan Clutch. Its important to maintain the fan clutch in your vehicle, as its responsible for testing the temperature of the air coming through the radiator and preventing the engine from overheating. When a pneumatic fan clutch fails, it's likely one of three symptoms is present: The clutch won't engage. 450 0000000016 00000 n This should lock the clutch and pull air like a dump truck. )Qo8Ni{Im'Ur$z3-XfLdE1c=e/ n4 a#I63px&LW42C`?c+fO~ lM |}&&`z`x7tv}3l6yUoo7~0EoeYf eh80/ar;)B]T# Global Parts Distributors has the electronic fan clutch assembly: part number 2911297. Clutch slipping and eventual failure are normal with time. 2004-12-07T10:24:41-05:00 If it doesn't change, it's toast. Possible Cause: Try rotating the bottom part (solenoid coil / actuator) with hand. The fan clutch should always engage when the system head pressure reaches in the 240 to 270 lbs range. We are working every day to make sure our community is one of the best. 0000049576 00000 n Virtually any on- or off-highway engine can benefit from viscous cooling technology. There are 7 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. They make a loud whirling sound at highway speeds and when revving the engine.if(typeof ez_ad_units!='undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[250,250],'freeasestudyguides_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_3',116,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-freeasestudyguides_com-medrectangle-4-0'); Because the crankshaft drives this fan, check the accessory drive belt for wear and glazing. hb```"wVF/3 1K6l|Z+W9"qHg6Engl!z,A& qx3h9@ -Vb5$?%?@,#Xj~aXSFe40hXmW{|o\ s2WIp?k2pUiF 0 gA Honestly, that sounds like normal behavior to me. One of two conditions is possible. Ideally, the fan shouldnt spin more than 1-1 times. This fluid's viscosity is measured in CST or centistokes and degrades over time. The PCM never puts it to 100%, 90% is the highest and that's at very high engine temps. Skip to content Visit Us Diesel Components Inc. 670 E. Travelers Trail #105 Burnsville, MN 55337 Send an Email Call us (800) 252-6625| (952) 890-2885 Buy Parts SERVICES For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You should feel some tugging from the fan trying to get it going again. The "drive disc" and the "front half" share these closely spaced rings. For more information about how to test a fan clutch, such as other signs to look for which indicate damage, read on. A properly-functioning fan clutch is critical to engine reliability, as it works to maintain a safe temperature range. The engine cooling fan, made of plastic or metal, isnt hard-connected to the fan pulley or water pump, but instead is soft-connected via the fan clutch. How to tell if your Viscous Fan Clutch is Bad - Sprinter Vans / Other Vehicles kansas city sprinters 38K views 1 year ago How Engine Cooling System Works | Autotechlabs Autotechlabs 6.3M. If you still need assistance, contact our customer service team at (800) 810-9110. Anyone seen a case where the EV Fan Clutch DISENGAGES completely? If loosened, the P-clamp must be re-tightened to prevent the wiring harness from slipping through the P-clamp, causing tension on the Fan Clutch wiring. It does not function like an on/off drive. Traces of oil are perfectly normal, and wont necessarily be an indication that your clutch is shot. When a fan clutch seizes, the engine is put at considerable risk from overheating, or over-cooling, and the damage done can be catastrophic if left alone. Swap the fan relay with another similar one in the fuse box (headlight IIRC) and see if the problem persists. I just joined today and been digging into whether I should replace EV on 2004 Buick Rainier 5.3. 0000008513 00000 n There is an air leak in the fan drive. Thank u LB. When this happens, many of the symptoms described above can be experienced. Appreciate the help. - GENERAL GEORGE S. PATTON. Quick tutorial on how to refill your viscous fan clutch with proper fluid and reseal the chamber. I replaced it earlier this year while chasing an overheating condition (along with the Water Pump and Thermostat). You do realize that you are posting things that don't work for the everyday person trying to figure out his problem. 0000070141 00000 n As fan clutch specialists, weve seen plenty of faulty viscous drives in our time. References. Electrical faults don't have to be wiring, they can be control module input/output related including: Mooseman, post was a long time ago and not sure this is even active! The PCM supplies a 5-volt reference and a low reference to the Hall effect sensor. The fluid flows from a reservoir to the plate area at higher engine temperatures and returns to let the fan spin more freely as the engine cools. Original fan and water pump. If you suspect the problem is a locked-in fan coupling, but dont know what fan clutch symptoms to look for, then youre in the right place. The fan clutch is integral to the safe and efficient operation of your commercial vehicle or application engine. Wanted to get some input/feed backI have always done basic maintenance after purchasing a used vehicle regardless of what or anything that I know from the previous owner that's been serviced. In our 97-98 AmTran REs, the 444s run 210* all the time, sometimes a little less in the winter, in the summer, the fans are almost constant on, and if it's hot enough (85-90* outside) they'll hit 230* under load. Too fast to try and slow it with a rag. I released it and it took about 30 sec to a minute to get back up to speed and then I heard it engage and spin faster. CV fan clutches are part of a vehicle's engine cooling system and used to cool the engine by regulating the fan speed At low or regular engine loads, the cooling airflow produced during driving is normally sufficient to dissipate heat from the radiator and work as an engine cooler. I just want to add another thing to check before declaring the clutch dead. Hope you don't mind me referencing your video? Anyone seen a case where the EV Fan Clutch DISENGAGES completely? 0000069993 00000 n 42 0 obj <> endobj Luckily, there are a few symptoms you can look for to diagnose whether the fault is a seized fan clutch or not. When the engine starts to get too hot, the fan clutch takes the air flowing through the radiator, cools it down, and feeds it into the engine to cool it. An overheating engine could literally weld itself into scrap metal. NOTE: This fix will NOT help if your fan clutch is mechanically worn, or if the thermal valve is stuck closed or open.Silicone oil used in this video:\u0026gclid=CI2ypaPZuMkCFYI_aQodzRMD7wThe fan clutch featured in this video is from a 2002 Suzuki XL-7 V6: for watching! Engine still runs great! If the fan clutch requires repair, take the vehicle to a qualified mechanic. Now somethimes it only gets to halfway to 210, even in the summer. Company No. Check All Cooling System Components Radiator, water pump, thermostat, temperature gauge, fault codes, etc. 0000060378 00000 n It relies on temp sensor to detect temperature and send signals through ECM/ECU and switches the clutch fan to different levels accordingly. Locked-in fan clutch symptoms. This animation of Horton's latest variable-speed fan drive, the LCX, shows viscous cooling technology in action. hks8>Gw3Lg^Y 0000037348 00000 n Please note, comments must be approved before they are published, Solenoid coil / Actuator unable to rotate, When the engine is in low temperature or in capacity, the clutch is separated, fan speed rotates at low speed, When the engine is at high capacity and the water temperature rises, the clutch coupled and rotate together, the fan rotates at high speed, When water temperate reach designated low temperature, the clutch reverts back to separated state, The ECU will detect temperature via water temp sensor and operate accordingly. Electronic-Viscous Fan Clutch Troubleshooting During engine start up, the EV fan clutch will engage and match engine speed for up to 3 minutes. The fan clutch unit is approximately 1 foot tall by 1 foot wide. Quick tutorial on how to refill your viscous fan clutch with proper fluid and reseal the chamber. Never seems to lock up completely (or even the 90%) I tried applying 12v to the clutch directly (white wire) but there was no speed change. 0000053141 00000 n So, youve noticed some, or all, of the symptoms above and think a possible culprit could be a locked-in fan clutch. If your unit has one, keep an eye on the temperature so youll know about when the fan speed should begin ramping up. the cooling fan using a Hall effect sensor, which reads a reluctor track inside the fan clutch. Resurrecting this old thread. 0000035192 00000 n Viscous drives tend to have the first two issues. The info I posted regarding a locked clutch (beyond a few minutes) is still accurate. Perhaps the Heat Soak cannot get carried away because things may have gotten a bit "sluggish" inside of the radiating units? 14 0 obj <> endobj 77 0 obj <>stream 1988467. A locked-in fan clutch can experience increased vibrations that will pass on to the radiator fan and other parts of the engine, with the bearing no longer running at the the differential speeds that it should. This article has been viewed 118,630 times. They also have a thermostatic spring. Short of a relay sticking, I see no possible cause that it would be electrical. The sensor returns a signal pulse through the cooling fan speed signal circuit. Nearly unheard of on modern cars with electric engine cooling fans, people sometimes still refer to the accessory drive belts as fan belts. This term harkens to the day when cars and trucks used drive belts to drive the cooling fan or water pump. A bit obvious, but make sure to check the engine management system on your vehicle before anything else. <<59055635F8F5FE459E851E498E113946>]/Prev 686576>> We had a few overheating issues at Bremer Bay Why is it overlooked? It was a junkyard unit off an 03 Envoy. Last Updated: August 7, 2022 0 On the other hand, too much heat can be a big problem, melting non-metal engine parts and rendering lubricating oil useless. Its even more annoying if you dont know what role the fan clutch plays as part of the engine cooling system in your engine! g? Warning: This post may contain misspelling, grammatical errors, disorganized sentence structure. The wires run in a rubber hose in front of the fan. 1. Suggestion: See if there's any foreign object stuck on clutch fan, if any foreign objects absent, then it is likely the clutch fan. Okay, so in your other post to me about testing it you say that the one in this video is bad. The fan fault is logged in your engine management system.

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