One by one my old favorites in L.A. dropped off my Top 10 list to make way for even better and usually far more affordable sushi bars in O.C. Cost: Omakase starts at $45. A post shared by Sushi Tama (@sushitama_la). The high-end, Michelin-worthy array of nigiri is priced at around $180 per person for dinner. Before long, word of mouth about this small but superb sushi restaurant traveled, and now, celebrities, chefs, and sushi enthusiasts from across the city regularly compete for a spot at the eight-seat counter (there are a handful of tables, too). Hamasaku has always had more of the saucy sushi roll crowd in its corner strip mall space (even President Obama has made a visit), but those in the know can experience some of the most bang-for-the-buck sub $100 omakase in town in front of Hiroyoshi, who commands a terrific skill with nigiri and other Japanese dishes. Regular guests even bring gifts for the chef. Cost: Omakase starts at $50. Omakase is that Japanese tradition of putting yourself in the hands of the chef, letting him (sushi remains a male-dominated industry) prepare whatever he desires. Overview: Somewhat hidden and intimate, Ikko posts a sign outside its door warning customers that the chefs do not serve American-style rolls. Im talking about authentic Japanese nigiri sushi and sashimi. Pro tip: The main dining room serves izakaya fare, but you can book Suzukis bar-side 15-course omakase directly through Resy [its labeled when you select your seats]. Follow her @TurningOffJapanese. Nowhere else in the United States not New York, not San Francisco, nowhere comes even remotely close to the quality of sushi widely available in Southern California. "It is strictly omakase with two separate pricing points to choose from . "Yooo this place has the most BOMB HiBachi I've ever tried!! I really want to try the omakase here and was wondering how expensive it is. The price to see Onodera in action is equally sky-high. The MICHELIN inspectors' point of view, information on prices, types of cuisine and opening hours on the MICHELIN Guide's official website . Los Angeles has a plethora of culinary strong suits, like regional Chinese fare and tacos of all stripes, but almost none are as impressive as the citys sushi offerings. Please enter a valid email and try again. I highly recommend the Grilled Salmon plate! Though it sits behind Sugarfish in Beverly Hills, this 10-seat sushi temple is one of the purest expressions of omakase in LA, with fish flown in regularly from Japan and upwards of 20 courses prepared right in front of you. For all your restaurant recommendation needs, look no further than the Resy Hit List, our monthly list of 10 spots that should be on your radar right now. Have you been here before, she asks over the phone, to which I say, No. Im sorry, then, were full tonight, she says. No a la carte. OmG Omakase by Gino. Far more people come here for the poke rolls and tempura lobster rolls than for the omakase, but the balance seems to be shifting. Sushi chef Morihiro Onodera founded the celebrated Mori in West LA before helming the counters at Inn Ann and Shiki over the past few years. But most of all, its a solid entry point to quality sushi designed by legendary chef Kazunori Nozawa, from tender ponzu-laced albacore to melt-in-your-mouth chutoro over Nozawas famous warm rice. The highest-end $140 omakase includes pristine fish, moderately seasoned rice, and great service. This newer Valley sushi spot run by Asanebo vet Mark Okuda (with a second outpost in Santa Monica) offers a unique fusion-forward tasting menu and some of the freshest, most buttery and flavorful nigiri available. The pricing certainly reflects thisthough we'd skip their nontraditional omakase featuring foie gras and caviar starting $200but Brothers is still well worth the splurge for la carte sushi and sashimi. 3. With all this in mind, here are my favorite places in Southern California for omakase. The pace of the meal can make or break the experience. reporter for the Southern California News Group. I am in your hands.. Sushi Tama opened in August 2020 with a sleek counter and impeccable nigiri using Japanese-sourced fish. Dining options: Reservations . What are people saying about sushi bars in Orange County, CA? Overview:The sushi counter is reserved exclusively for omakase, whereas tables in the dining room are offered a broader menu that includes a variety of cooked fare and California-style rolls. Rating 15/20. The L.A. Reservations Youll Want to Access in Spring 2023, Botanicas Sunday Supper Series Is a Celebration of Women (and Vegetables), All About Juliet, Culver Citys New Impossibly Chic Parisian Restaurant. Extraordinary in every detail. The online posting said the epicenter was located in the Gulf of Alaska, 66 . The minimalist space has 10 seats at the bar and a handful of tables. Privacy Policy. Cost: Omakase starts at $45 18 Springtime Getaway Restaurants to Try in the LA Mountains, The 13 Hottest Cocktail Spots in Los Angeles, 19 Showstopping Breakfast Burritos in Los Angeles, The best chef-selected tasting menus of sashimi and nigiri. Just beware: This spot is no-reservations, and fills up fast. The Michelin Guide agreed by granting Q one star. *We have two rooms (Chef Shunji Bar & Chef Miki Bar). Traditionalists would balk at Lees undertaking, but the fans continue to show up in droves. How Camphor is Changing What Fine Dining Means In L.A. Snagging one of the 10 seats at the single-seating-only Kaneyoshi in Little Tokyo is no easy feat, but once youre in, the sleek, Ginza-styled interior, impeccable seafood, and chef Yoshyukii Inoues friendly demeanor are all part of the high-end experience. The menu has multiple courses and offers mostly nigiri sushi, handrolls, and sashimi. Cost: Omakase starts at $35 The nigiri-forward omakasethe most expensive per head in Los Angelesclimbs past 20 courses, each bite focused on incredibly high-quality fish that's been brushed with soy, lightly tempura-battered or served in a pool of ponzu. The menu changes constantly, but you might expect sashimi (served with both soy sauce and salt), tempura with dashi gravy in lieu of broth, and fruit covered with a sake jelly meant to evoke the morning mist in the wild. Suzuki grew up in Southern California with an artisanal noodle maker father, and learned the Japanese way of cooking with seasonal ingredients from a young age. Bottom line: Ikka offers outstanding quality and variety. Timing and grace: 5 Call 323-484-8915 for reservations. Omakase. Overview: This fast-paced sushi bar caters to both nigiri purists and fans of California rolls and tempura. Each menu features the best fish of the day, accompanied by perfectly warm rice and some of the best house-made ponzu sauce in L.A. You can order la carte, though you'd be in the minority. Sushi here takes a decidedly modern turn. For the past two and a half years, I have dined at dozens of sushi restaurants from one end of the county to the other, searching for the best omakase. The $75 wine pairing takes the omakase to the next level. The Stagecoach Country Music Festival brings out some of the genre's best . 21 Top Stops For a Meal in the Sprawling San Fernando Valley, 17 Date-Worthy LA Restaurants That Are Actually Open on Monday Nights. The attention to detail. Variety: 8 Japanese, Sushi, Best Indian Restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area, Romantic Restaurants In The San Francisco Bay Area, MICHELIN-Starred Restaurants In California Wine Country, Best Chinese Restaurants In and Around Los Angeles, 5 San Francisco Restaurant Openings to Know About, 665 Townsend St., San Francisco, 94103, USA. Once you're seated, dive in and start ordering: Eel and Santa Barbara uni are two excellent choices, while the blue crab hand roll avoids some common pitfalls (too much mayonnaise, soggy seaweed) and is instead light, crisp and filling. Timing and grace: 10 Me and my friend sawmore, I always love finding new omakase spots and was super happy with my experience at Omakase Osen!more, Sushi BarsCocktail BarsWine BarsLittle Tokyo, the omakase experience. Scan this QR code to download the app now. San Shi Go is one of the top restaurants on Balboa Island, and specializes in sushi omakase, which is course sushi meal based on the freshest catches of the day. To view more of my work for the Register, check out the archives. Timing and grace: 5 Follow Resy too, while youre at it. Omakase - a One MICHELIN Star: High quality cooking, worth a stop! Bottom line: Pricy but outstanding all around, except for the raw octopus, which was so chewy I had to decide whether to swallow it whole or spit it out. With each passing minute the flavors change, especially in a fish with high oil content like mackerel or shad. Timing and grace: 4 and our Its also a joy to watch these crafted courses come together, whether sashimi or oysters. The omakase service is $85 for 9 to 11 dishes plus ice cream. Sushi was marginal. Don't miss the ankimo (monkfish liver), and have fun exploring the deep-cuts sake list. Lunchtime is a bargain compared to dinner, where prices can grow up well over $200 for the top-tier omakase. 2. If the thought of parking in K-town makes you panic, remember theres free parking out back, and free, comforting miso soup inside. For some cocktails if you want to cut down on sweetness you can ask to submore, If you're a sushi lover, I HAVE to recommend asking for Omakase. I fear I wont be allowed back in. My bad. "One of the best omakase values in Southern California" Review of Hayakawa. Though the acknowledgement is a welcome one, the $400 seasonal omakase is the result of fresh fish flown in twice a week from Japan. Bottom line: The fish selection is extremely basic, but when you add the new-style carpaccio/sashimi to the mix, the omakase here is utterly enjoyable. Run by veteran sushi chef Yoshiyuki Inoue, Sushi Kaneyoshi tops out in luxury, refinement and overall wow factor. LA's . Most come for the unbelievably priced lunch sashimi special, but order directly from the menu or at the bar for an even better experience. The exact seafood used in Kaneyoshis approximately 20 courses changes seasonally, but diners are likely to dig into a delicate Hokkaido crab chawanmushi, along with one of the citys best preparations of ankimo (monkfish liver) and nodoguro (blackthroat sea perch). Timing and grace: 6 They offer a choice of omakase menus, but no a la carte. The lively city of 327,569 has many charming pastimes for every taste and group, year round, including fine dining, relaxing . Settle into 15 pieces of terrific sushi that impress even the snobbiest of sushi-goers the varieties of fish range from familiar cuts to more obscure ones. Curious about the best Omakase places in and around LA. The nigiri-forward omakasethe most expensive per head in Los Angelesclimbs past 20 courses, each bite focused on incredibly high-quality fish that's been brushed with soy, lightly. Call 323-928-2177 for reservations. The full eight-course omakase experience costs $135. Once in, however, service is doting and quite charming. Contact the or on Twitter: @bradajohnson. The dining room offers a la carte ordering, but the selection of California-style rolls is extremely limited. Ikko 735 Baker Street, Costa Mesa, 714-556-7822 Kaneyoshi is the newest entrant, with a truly rarefied sushi dinner from chef Yoshiyuki starting at $250. Overview: The sushi counter is reserved exclusively for omakase. . . The pace should be leisurely, neither rushed nor slow. Q This spot offers omakase for $125 per person, and sushi a la carte. Im talking about authentic Japanese nigiri sushi and sashimi. His style, combining traditional Edomae techniques and modern equipment, highlights the umami of each fish. The pace should be leisurely, neither rushed nor slow. The place is always completely jammed, thus service can get bumpy. No la carte. Meet the people who power the restaurants you love. The menu features drinks and a la carte options, too. To sit and watch the finest itamae (chefs) at work is at once relaxing and exciting. Dj vu! The numerical scores that follow are based on a scale of 1 to 10. Call 213-277-2388 for reservations. James Beard Award-winning restaurant critic Brad A. Johnson has been writing about food for more than 20 years. Brothers offers omakase for both lunch and dinner, but for the full aged fish experience, opt for dinner. Timing and grace: 6 Freshness and quality: 10 Of course for these prices, one should expect near the best-quality nigiri in Los Angeles, with Nakaos careful construction and proper balance between fish and rice. The omakase at the counter is the one to pick, though the price will be close to $400 for the complete experience. This intimate seven-seat kaiseki restaurant helmed by chef-owner Brandon Hayato Go is one of the most coveted reservations in town, and with good reason. 2. Although pricey, the intimacy and attention to detail are hard to beat. The nuance of each cut. The first course of sashimi is almost a full meal in itself. Kodos opening executive chef was veteran L.A. sushi master Yoya Takahashi (of Hamasaku fame), but today, youre more likely see the young head sushi chef, Alex Suzuki, behind the bar serving omakase. 18507 Yorba Linda Boulevard, Yorba Linda, 714-777-6789, Nozawa Bar is opened for dinner only every day but Sunday. Here now, are 14 restaurants where chefs carefully select and prepare every morsel that goes onto a curated plate. Variety: 8 But they do offer a variety of authentic Japanese cooked dishes in addition to raw fish. Sushi Akatora The Resy Guide to Outdoor Dining in Los Angeles, L.A. is Paradise for Omakase Menus. An absolute legend in the Boston sushi game, O Ya remains a crown jewel of the Boston dining scene, even 15 years following its debut. In a similar style as Nobu (and the chain's original restaurant, Matsuhisa), Asanebo offers a selection of fusion-style seafood dishes, as well as traditional nigiribut the right order here always leans towards the former. Morihiro Onoderas comeback to the LA sushi scene is more than welcome, with an Atwater Village restaurant that fully emcompasses the chefs multiple passions of incredible fish, hand thrown ceramic, and stellar rice. Plastered on the front door is a sign that lays out the ground rules: Only sushi and sashimi. Find the perfect restaurant for your next outing. Freshness and quality: 10 The sub-$40 lunch special comes with nine pieces of nigiri, a cut roll, miso soup, and a few small bites. Theyre also a little uncomfortable with the idea that anyone declares them best in the country.. Have you been here before? she asks over the phone, to which I reply, No. Im sorry, then, were full tonight, she says. 1998 - 2023 Nexstar Media Inc. | All Rights Reserved. Definitely the best quality sushi in Riverside! No tempura, teriyaki, noodles, or rice alone. Those who find the approach agreeable will be treated to some of the finest sushi in town. With somewhere around 15 courses, including miso soup and dessert, this $65 set meal in Redondo Beach lets you indulge in high-end sushi without completely breaking the bank. Freshness and quality: 10 Expect the unexpected, such as the deliciously different . Something went wrong. No rolls. read more, All "omakase" results in Orange County, California. For more information, please see our Kn Corner, a 76-seat restaurant in Buenos Aires, is the ultimate expression of acclaimed Argentine chef Narda Lepes' lifelong passion for Japanese cuisine and . Ranked #16 of 184 Restaurants in Covina. California. The interior is super modern and newly renovated. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Nycole Hampton (@nycolehampton), A post shared by Nycole Hampton (@nycolehampton). This counter-only restaurant in Little Tokyo costs a hefty $300 a person and serves a truly spectacular dinner comparable to the best around the world. While most of picks will easily set you back over $100 per head, there are still a handful of high-quality andaffordable optionsaround Los Angeles(after all, its hard to beat Sushi Gen's classic sashimi lunch special). No rolls. 18 Springtime Getaway Restaurants to Try in the LA Mountains, The 13 Hottest Cocktail Spots in Los Angeles, 19 Showstopping Breakfast Burritos in Los Angeles, Where to indulge in the most pristine nigiri and sashimi. Shin Sushi brings a refined omakase experience from chef Taketoshi Azumi, whom patrons refer to as Take-san. Explore these guides for the latest intel on all hot openings plus old favorites newly live on Resy. Known for beyond-stunning sushi, O Ya only offers an extravagant omakase experience: a 20-course, chef's choice menu featuring sushi and sashimi as well as cooked dishes, from lightest to heaviest. This iconic sushi restaurant in Little Tokyo is constantly packed at the bar and in the dining room. Very nice ambiance and decor, great addition to the area! Overview: Somewhat hidden and intimate, Ikko posts a sign outside its door warning customers that the chefs do not serve American-style rolls. Thats why most omakase is served one piece at a time, and you should eat it within 30 seconds of being served. Nossa Omakase 1600 Collins Ave., Miami Beach 305-539-9711 Yes, Nossa Omakase is pricey but this omakase experience is also designed to be a dinner show. Three decades in, Tetsuya Nakao's strip mall sushi bar in the Valleyand its wonderfully nontraditional omakasehas stood the test of time and become veritable L.A. sushi royalty. In Raleigh, the menu showcases an innovative, southern twist on traditional Japanese cuisine. Hayato received a Michelin star in 2019. Ikko Where to Eat in April: La Dolce Vita, Isla, Coucou and More, The March Hit List: Bar Chelou, Villas Tacos, and More, The February Hit List: Tonchin, Blairs, Cassia, and More, Loreto and Za Za Z Bring a Taste of Baja to Frogtown, Now on Resy: Edendale, Cara, Savida, Hamasaku, and More Local Favorites, Los Angeles Newest Restaurant Openings, Now on Resy, The Ruby Fruit is Revitalizing Americas Lesbian Bar Scene, How Zarah Khan Is Transforming the Legendary Rustic Canyon. With all this in mind, here are my top 10 favorite places in Southern California for omakase. -CLOSED- Overview: Reservations here are extremely difficult to come by, and the counter is strictly omakase. The most important consideration for me is uncompromising freshness. The rice here is on the firmer side, and theres no condiments available for the omakase each piece is seasoned by hand with the correct amount of housemade soy sauce. The staff is friendly and doting but nowhere near the level of grace as Q or Tsujita. Overview: Tsujita opened last year in heart of L.A.s Little Osaka district on Sawtelle, offering Edomae, or Tokyo-style, omakase sushi. Kasen In the omakase tradition, each meal is unique, with plenty of room for improvisation on the part of the chefs. Last year, Soichi received a highly-coveted Michelin star, reserved for only the best culinary experiences in the country. Little Tokyos Hama Sushi is best known for its no-nonsense approach. The result is a refined-yet-relaxed omakase thats perfectly suited to southern California. All seafood is fresh from fish markets in Tokyo, Norway, Scotland, Hawaii, New Zealand and sustainable local sources. Share pictures, reviews and news, and get food advice straight from the hungry Angelenos that know best! The Valley is no stranger to good sushi and Brothers is a fine addition to the thriving scene. Cost: Omakase starts at $80 The staff is friendly and doting but nowhere near the level of grace at Q or Tsujita. Cost: Omakase starts at $120; add Japanese beef, from $180. Bottom line: The fish selection is extremely basic, but when you add the new-style carpaccio/sashimi to the mix, the omakase here becomes immensely enjoyable. This is a review for sushi bars in Orange County, CA: "False advertising. Oops. Serving an immense list of incredible fish sourced from Japan, this hideaway in Little Tokyo could be one of the most surprising new omakase destinations in Los Angeles. 7. Owners David Gibbs and Andy Paxson recruited the chef from Encinos former 4 On 6 sushi bar, and chef Kiminobu Saito lovingly prepares omakase at the seven-seat bar. Overview: Sushi Tsujita opened last year in heart of L.A.s Little Osaka district on Sawtelle, featuring Edomae, or Tokyo style, omakase sushi. The name of the restaurant is Omokase, yet they don't have Omakase style sushi dining. 21 Local-Approved Restaurants to Order Delivery From in LA. Bottom line: This is destination sushi. Variety: 7 Timing and grace: 10 When trusting the chef to create a tasting menu, it places diners into the hands of skilled personnel with carefully selected ingredients. People also searched for these in Los Angeles: Copyright 20042023 Yelp Inc. Yelp, , and related marks are registered trademarks of Yelp. Omakase By Osen 68 Sushi Bars Japanese Seafood $$$$Silver Lake Locally owned & operated Wheelchair accessible "I always love finding new omakase spots and was super happy with my experience at Omakase Osen!" more Outdoor seating Takeout Start Order 2. The staff consist of only about 10 people, a tight-knit group that has remained largely unchanged since the restaurant opened. Los Angeles just might be the city thats done the most in terms of introducing Americans to Japanese cuisine the first sushi restaurant in the country, Kawafuku, opened here in Little Tokyo in the early 1960s, while our namesake California Roll was invented a few years later at its competitor, Tokyo Kaikan (which also housed a second-floor disco called Tokyo A Go-Go, reportedly a favorite of Rock Hudson and Audrey Hepburn). The toro here is some of the best we've ever tasted, but the appetizers and rotating specials, such as dry-aged salmon flown in from New Zealand, are always worth an order, too. It's great, but the seasonal offering may include some food that's a bit out there for some: male "roe" soup, and the shrimp heads that watch you eat them (which I'm not a fan of). Soichi and. Brothers also expanded to Santa Monica last year with much of the same offerings. Bottom line: Excellent, and huge portions for the price. If you are headed to the mountains with a group, one of the most highly-rated cabins in Southern California is also the best lakefront cabin rental at Big Bear Lake. They way one fish is sliced a certain way yet another is carved in an entirely different direction. From upscale omakase menus to enduring mom-and-pop classics, here now are 19 of Los Angeless essential sushi restaurants. This rental encompasses six of the cabins, including four two-bedroom family cabins, a one-bedroom family cabin, and a one-bedroom couples cabin. Cost: Omakase starts at $45. The Omakase " more Outdoor seating Delivery Takeout 9. Theres no fixed price on the omakase, but expect the former Tsukiji chef to charge a healthy $100-200 for the complete experience. Respect is a two-way street, after all. $300 per person. Bottom line: Pricey but outstanding all around, except for the raw octopus, which was so chewy I had to decide whether to swallow it whole or spit it out. Freshness and quality: 9 My bad. Bring on the striped jack, the opal eye, the thread fin, the gizzard shad, the belt fish, the idiot fish. The main draw? Timing and grace: 7 See our, By submitting your email, you agree to our, The 19 Essential Sushi Restaurants in Los Angeles, Sign up for the 1. That loyal fanbase can make it difficult to get seated at Soichi. Chef Hide Takeda sources fish from California and Toyosu Market in Tokyo. To be clear: Im not talking about sushi rolls, which are largely a California invention and can be enjoyable. The restaurant typically releases reservations at the start of each month, offering seatings for the following month. Awarded a Michelin star within just a few months of opening, this rarefied omakase counter from chef Seigo Tamura feels like one of the top sushi restaurants to open in Los Angeles in the past few years. A nicely balanced experience. While dinner will cost a pretty penny, lunch is a worthy splurge for those working in the area. The expansive selection of nigiri sushi and sashimi never fails to please. Cost: Omakase starts at $75 for lunch; from $165 for dinner. Variety: 8 Variety: 6 Again, the couple received the honor humbly, enough so that the San Diego Union-Tribune dubbed Soichi San Diegos most-reluctant Michelin-starred restaurant.. The intimate little shop on Adams Avenue was just named Yelp's top-ranked omakase dining experience in the entire country, based on a glowing five-star rating from over 300 reviewers. Rules of the Road: Are tinted windows legal in California? Note: Make sure to call ahead for a reservationgiven the reasonable prices and old-school Japanese ambience, Sushi Chitose books up quickly. Bottom line: High quality and a great bargain. LAs highest tier of omakase restaurants is already looking crowded, with the likes of Ginza Onodera, Q, Morihiro, Nozawa Bar, and Hayato pushing $300 (after tax and tip but before drinks) or more for the highest quality of fish. Here Are Some of Our Favorites, How to Get a Table at N/Soto and What to Order Once Youre There, Everything You Need to Know About the Return of La Dolce Vita, The Ultimate Resy Guide to Brunch in Los Angeles, The Future of Tinned Fish Is Now, in a Restaurant Near You. The couple dreamed of opening a restaurant together since before they got married in 1997. Variety: 10 As one of LAs most beloved restaurants, Niki Nakayama and Carole Iidas n/naka can be one of the citys most difficult to secure reservations. Cost: Omakase starts at $85 His work has been honored by the Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Awards, James Beard Awards, World Food Media Awards, Food Photographer of the Year Awards, Society of Features Journalism Awards and others. But Narukes reputation precedes him, so the $250 tasting menu requires 48 hours advanced notice. Bottom line: Bargain price is almost too good to be true. Address: 1850 W Redondo Beach Blvd, Gardena, California 90247, USA Loaded Hashbrowns at The Pan Restaurant 2 eggs (any style), bacon, sausage, green onions jack and cheddar cheese over hash browns, topped with chili aioli and choice of toast. Bottom line: High quality and a great bargain. The meal starts with sashimi and light dishes, including a slow-cooked octopus so tender that diners often ask for seconds, before moving on to a sushi course that might include things like snow crab meat mixed with crab liver when in season, before ending with with a signature Tuna Three Ways.

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