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Here aresome of thehardest decisions you have to make inRed Dead Redemption 2, and what happens after you make them. Arthur agrees to help Sadie if she helps out John, Abi, and Jack. Many of the choices and consequences in Red Dead . The gang decide to follow him and arrive at the refinery to find the Indians scattered, with Eagle Flies fighting for his life at the center of the oil fields. Basically he's asking me to convince Rain Falls to not start a fight with the US Army. Now it's time to meet up with John Marston at the dynamite carriage under Bacchus Bridge in The Bridge to Nowhere. Harlot Some in the tribe, including his son Eagle Flies, rejects this peaceful strategy and desire war instead. As the son of Rains Fall, Eagle Flies represents a core of young Native American . Find out what happens if Rains Fall doesn't take the train during epilogue in the game Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2). Despite this, he understands the views his son possesses about wanting to fight against their oppressors and there being glory in death, but after seeing the deaths of so many of his own people and his enemies, he claims he hasn't found glory in any of their deaths. All Rights Reserved. View complete answer on screenrant.com What happens if you turn down Mary in RDR2? Includes the ending credits cutscene of Rains Fall looking at a flying eagle and thinking of Eagle Flies (his son). If you accept the fishing invitation you will go fishing with Dutch and Hosea. In the very first mission of Red Dead Redemption 2, Arthur and his friends run into some of those O'Driscoll boys. If you choose to go right, you will need to knock out and hogtie two Moonshiners. and our At the very end of Arthur's story you get the opportunity to either help John get to safety and his family, or return to camp for the money that lies there. Can Be Encountered One Final Time By John, He Is Based On Various Historical Figures, 10 Mistakes Everyone Makes On Their First Playthrough Of Red Dead Redemption 2, interactions with Arthur can actually be missed, Red Dead Redemption 2: 10 Secrets About The Setting That Most People Don't Notice, lead an attack on the Cornwall oil refinery, Red Dead Redemption: 15 Things Arthur Morgan Can Do That John Marston Can't, 5 Things That Are Historically Accurate In Red Dead Redemption 2 (& 5 Things That Aren't). The biggest and hardest decision players ofRed Dead 2have to make is whether to play through with high honor, or low honor. Some, however, make you think a bit more. Make sure to not leave anything open, if you do they will know you robbed them. Arthur spots an Army camp at the bottom of the valley and decides they must have been responsible for the attack and the theft of the Chanupa. Arthur visits Rains Fall in Wapiti and they travel to a sacred Native American site in the Grizzlies East. To start this mission, head north to the Wapiti Indian Reservation, and enter the tent marked on your map to speak with Rains Fall. Blue Roan Nokota Grullo Dun Mustang Tobiano American Paint. GTANet.com 2001-2023. Should you reject her, you do not get these missions. Absolve Debt And Pay Them As a result, Rains Fall ends up losing the remainder of his family. Following Dutch maybe wasn't the best idea but his cause was a righteous one. Rains Fall then says that it was likely to have been US Army soldiers, and proceeds to survey the area around him with Arthur, using binoculars. When you go to save him, you have two main response paths to take. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. If you are fast enough, you can crack every safe and make off with the maximum amount of cash. Realizing that if his people learn of this they will have war, he offers Arthur money to recover them for him without hurting anyone. https://t.co/jQJOiBWOtV, RT @SonicFanGameBot: 'BomberCin 2' (2021) by @KousakuP (Original Game) Like many real-life tribes at the time, Rains Fall and the Wapiti are forced to live on a reservation. In that quest, Arthur will assist Rains Fall with retrieving a sacred artifact important to the Wapiti. Eagle Flies is killed in the attack by Colonel Favours after saving Arthur's life. The chief then asks Arthur to go out on a ride with him, which he accepts. You can either choke the O'Driscollto death or leave him to freeze in the cold, whatever is best for Arthur's character. You get to bring the boat back to your camp. The choice is to do so in either day or night time. There is no mission if you say no. If you choose to absolve the debt and pay them money. English Mace. The list of missions you should complete within the chapter that they are given are as follows: Chapter 2 Money Lending and Other Sins I, II, III - To finish the mission, you need to turn in the debts. The most significant in-game choice comes at the end of the main story. Red Dead Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Arthur will say That Dynamite is safer. Charles was boring in my opinion. Privacy Policy. what a mess we're making of things." Arthur Morgan, PC trailer. RELATED: 10 Mistakes Everyone Makes On Their First Playthrough Of Red Dead Redemption 2. 3. Additionally, the conversation can move on to Arthur discussing his sickness and how he is terminally ill, or even his own son, who died some time ago. Liked Rain Falls way more, he was being realistic (they can't win against the army). New Red Dead Online Event Month for May 2023 - Bounty Hunter Bonuses, Mode Bonuses, New Blood Money Opportunity Bonuses and more, CrimsonFolo, You tell the Captain hes on his own. What happens if you decline fishing? Which option is the best for a high honor Arthur? What Happens If I Don't Help Rains Fall? Rains Fall explains that he traveled to America "looking for his son." If you catch a wild horse in Red Dead 2, you will have to break it. However, by the time Arthur meets him, Rains Fall is convinced of the merits of a more pacifist approach. But one that is a bit harder is whether or not to help Rains Fall. Wild how this and Mario Kart Wii launched around the same time. If you shoot the Dynamite you will blow up a few of the enemies. He will run and you need to shoot the bear to scare it away. Woke up in jail with this choice. Its a choice given to Arthur by Charles. 6 comments. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. The guards at the camp can be alerted, and even broken free from should the player become grappled, without preventing the player from receiving the Owl Feather Trinket. This choice is made difficultsimply by being the first time the player has to make a decision presented by the game, which is always unnerving. The government was actually withholding vaccines against the reservation and the conditions were terrible so he had every right to fight back. Should you decide to spare him, however, Sadie will shoot and kill him. Completing tasks for strangers, helping folk in need, this can all increase your honor rating with impacts how you interact with the world around you. Meeting Rains Fall in the epilogue results in a sizable boost in. There is a chance to make a little bit of extra cash here. His other interests include horror movies, toy soldier collecting, and anything Batman-related. Agree to help Captain Monroe and you will unlock new missions you can do with him at the reservation. She will still agree to help John and his family escape. Arthur says the debt is canceled and the woman thanks you. If you choose Lost Girl, Karen enters the bank and behaves like a lost girl. This Red Dead Redemption 2 Home Robbery Guide will walk you through the basics of the home robbery system including how to get home robberies, what they entail and the possible rewards you can receive. The first time I met Eagle Flies I knew. Although you may feel a little harshly punished, especially in this first case, you will not be . Rains Fall is the chief of the Wapiti, a Native American clan who once called the plains of New Hanover their home. After recovering the relics, return to Rains Fall. On top of that, cutscenes will show a dark wolf should you be a deplorable outlaw, and a sunlit deer if you are a good-hearted man. Helping him serves as part of Arthur's redemption arc. However, his love of gaming has never dissipated over the years. Nicknames After, you will get onto the coach and Hosea will join you. He is a man saddled with an almost impossible mission: preserving the safety of his tribe in a rapidly unforgiving and dangerous world. On the way, they can talk about various things - Arthur can discuss Eagle Flies, or Dutch van der Linde, who Rains Fall is keen to know about. I didn't need anyone to spoil what would happen in that line. After he gets them, and returns to his horse, you'll continue your conversation. Eagle Flies ends up paying the ultimate price for his belief in violent opposition. Biggest 2021 Awards Upset (Best Debater: broke sivis' 9 year streak). He then mournfully departs for his new home having lost everything dear to him despite his best efforts. Recover the relics without being detected. Should you go back for the money, you have a final confrontation with Micah and Dutch that does not end well. Some of these decisions require little thinking and are natural choices. Both in RDR2 and in the nonfictional 1890s, the chances of Arthur Morgan overcoming such a severe case of TB would be slim to none. She will tell him she misses him and Arthur will say he does as well. You will find a clue and the bear will find Hosea. They find a group of crazies already there, in a cave, and the difficult choice to sneak up on them or draw them out with dynamite arises. As a young man, he fought for his tribe, though he later became a pacifist. John Marston can approach him and get a special cutscene of Rains Fall missing his son while wandering around many years after. Dont Help Sadie You and Lenny get tanked and then you have to find Lenny. Create New. The first time I met Eagle Flies I knew. Rains Fall reveals that he and his tribe were forced to flee to Canada and that he had temporarily returned to America to mourn the death of Eagle Flies, which he had still not fully recovered from. Red Dead Redemption 2 This one is pretty rough, but you still get the choice. There are a couple of examples that serve as the basis for Rain's Fall's character. ", RELATED: Red Dead Redemption 2: 10 Secrets About The Setting That Most People Don't Notice. Rains Fall This is an honorable deed. The Lakota tribe, for example, is one such analog. If you say no to Sadie she will ride off alone. Assaults, kills, or abandons Rains Fall or Captain Monroe; Despite the whiskey bottles at the site supposedly being empty, most of them can be picked up by the player as a full bottle of Kentucky Bourbon. Both by the player, and by the game presenting them the player. Should I help rains fall rdr2? Dont Help Mary How to easily get the sacred relics for Rains Falls during the mission "Archeology for Beginners" (Owl Feather Trinket with kills). 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It was a bit uhhhh having a whole new story line and set of characters emerge in the final chapter, but it did give Arthur perspective on how Dutch is and some of the missions were great. Hang Cleet Rains Fall exclaims the Chanupa, a ceremonial pipe, is gone. You get a total cut of $2,500. While meeting with Colonel Favours he says I cant say that silly name to which Rains Fall suggests to just say his English name, meaning that Colonel Favours was given the information of his name in Lakotan. Again, Rains Fall will put your conversation on hold to collect more herbs - Ginseng. This choice comes in the epilogue mission American Venomand allows players to choose the fate of one of Micha's old running buddies, Cleet. Bet Against Charles Youll have to ride to a nearby lake where the group borrow a boat and head into the center of the lake. The latter can actually gift Arthur an Owl Feather Trinket if the mission's optional objective is completed. Shouldyouchoose the dishonorable option to hang Cleet, he will hang. Rains Fall also had a wife and two sons; his elder son had his head smashed by a drunken soldier and his wife had her throat slit, also by a soldier. Sitting Bull of the Lakota famously resisted attempts by the U.S. government to drive his people from their land. This has been changed in a update, and if visited before the mission becomes active, the site will be intact. Eagle Flies is one of the more prominent secondary characters that Arthur Morgan meets in Red Dead Redemption 2. She says maybe next time you guys could do it differently, and not get a man killed working off his debts. I saw Rains Fall and Arthur to be kindred spirits very quickly. Should you absolve it, the wife thanks you and says that Arthur should have done it before her husband worked himself into the grave. 8 Refuse To Help Rains Fall Rains Fall is a good man suffering through terrible times. Make sure you crouch at all times to avoid waking up those asleep inside. After finding enough, Rains Fall will turn into a yellow dot in your mini map. Here's all you need to know about him. There is a large fire fight and you have to snipe a guy on a Gatling gun before getting your loot. Lost Girl After all, you wouldnt want to make a mistake. When visited in free roam, the sacred site was previously already destroyed, even if visited as early as Chapter 2. The U.S. government reneges on its promises to Rains Fall yet again. Good, Honest, Snake Oil - Go to the Sheriff's Office in Valentine to meet the quest giver. I lost interest in the game, but decided I wanted to give in a shot again (And I enjoy it again). Either option happens after he gives you the location of Micah. Eagle Flies is mortally wounded in this battle, so Arthur and Charles bring his body back to him. Eagle Flies disagrees with his father's pacifist attitude and believes the Wapiti should continue an armed struggle. A good, old-fashioned RTS title will always bring him back into the fold. Completing this Honor story mission strand is associated with these trophies/achievements: Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! nicktestbranch, Tilly wants him to tell his gang to leave her alone while Susan wants him dead. 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Rains Fall rides up and begs them not to attack the US Army, but Eagle Flies defiantly brushes off his father's concern and rides away with his men. Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce struggled to lead his people to safety in much the same manner as Rains Fall. Kill You off the men and they dont come back to haunt you later. Eight years later, John Marston can meet Rains Fall at the train station in Annesburg, who recognises Marston as an associate of Arthur. Wapiti IndiansArthur MorganCharles Smith Theres still a large firefight that follows. Return the horse to the man in town for more honor. More pawns in Dutch's crazy f*cking game he was playing with everyone, i agree with eagle flies more, id be pissed with the government too. You can ride with her right away or set yourself up and meet her at camp. Red Dead Redemption 2 is an epic tale of life in Americas unforgiving heartland. Help John Or Retrieve The Money . Alcohol-fueled Smartass. Want to unlock and complete Red Dead 2's Weapon Expert Challenges? Mary will say she misses Arthur and Arthur will say he misses her as well. In the credits cutscene, Rains Fall's appearance has noticeably aged, however when John meets him at the train station, his appearance appears to be the same as how he was eight years prior. Game If you bet on Charles and encourage him during the fight he will win. "More and more of civilization. . If you do not assist Rains Fall, you effectively end Arthur's story as we know it. Started the mission " Archeology for Beginners"; and played through it, until I had to get those damn sacred relics back for Rains Falls. Help Captain Monroe When looking at them with binoculars, you can tell they're a bit drunk. Rains Fall welcomes Arthur into his tent but chastises him for going on a raid with Eagle Flies. After Captain Monroe leaves, Arthur and Rains Fall continue riding. NEXT: Red Dead Redemption: 10 Quotes From The Games That Will Stick With Us Forever. You can drown him by holding the drown button, just hold his head down without drowning him and he will escape. Mary Linton is a character who, depending on your decision on the matter, can be a recurring character. Like other characters in the game, Rains Fall takes historical inspiration from multiple real-life examples. At first, Rains Fall laments the fact that Arthur went on a raid with Eagle Flies, calling the latter "the impetuous prince". However, Dutch wants a distraction and he's assisting Rain Falls in his battle against the army. Should you stick to the main story, you complete Arthur's story and beyond much quicker, allowing for a lot of free-roaming and doing some extra stuff afterward, bu you do miss out on a lot of things. Rains Fall himself is implied to have been a much-respected warrior in his youth. When you play as John in Epilogue and visit Annesburg train station, Rains Fall is sitting on the bench waiting for a train. This choice is not one the game presents the player, but rather a decision the player makes about the game. @metacritic Still a classic after all these years. There are a lot of melee enemies in here, so its probably easier to flush them out with dynamite. Concept art shows Rains Fall's original name was "Rains Come". If you loot his corpse he has some cash and a gold wedding ring. Use Dynamite The pair mount their horses and set out for their destination. Leave Bait IF you leave the bait, the bear will come and you shoot it. Your first choice will be to kill or spare an O Driscoll Bandit in a barn. When he does, Rains Fall asks if anyone was hurt; if so, he bemoans that the Army will surely seek revenge for the attack. Help Mary Red Dead Redemption 2 mission walkthroughs, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. The captain goes on his way, but you continue to follow Rains Fall so he can find some herbs to give you for your cough. Mission goes without a hitch. As you guys might now, not killing or injuring any of the soldiers results in getting the Owl Feather Trinket, which reduces health, stamina and dead eye draining speed by 15%. If it was done without killing any guards, Rains Fall thanks Arthur and gives him a sacred Owl Feather Trinket as a gift. Rains Fall is undoubtedly one of the most interesting characters in the game, so finding out everything there is to know about him is quite a rewarding experience. If you refuse to assist Rains Fall, you're essentially closing off a hefty portion of Arthur's story. I'm at the highest honor and i really don't wanna help rains fall again (I've beaten the game before) but I don't know how much honor I will lose, if anybody knows will i lose a lot or am i going be fine not helping him? In the endings, should you be typically bad, you are ingloriously killed by Micah, whereas if you have high honor, you die looking into the sunrise. You need to choose to lay the bait or split up and search for the bear. town of gilbert question 1, eml chatswood office address, jobs for unvaccinated people,

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