LLAMA 1911 Description: Guns Listing ID: 744847 This Llama is in excellent condition overall showing a couple very light handling marks. It can be identified by its small size, external extractor, and that is does have a grip safety (this is also a good way to tell it from a Star Model B 9mm 1911 clone). Despite the differences between it and the Colt, when the Llama pistol stops working, its usually for one or more of the same reasons why a high-quality 1911 stops working: Either its dirty, the magazine is bad, the recoil spring is dying out, the extractor has given up, or the firing pin is broken. Target shot maybe a thousand pinecones. [2], Jose Cruz Mugica was the owner of a large shotgun factory located in Eibar. When you want all the classic features of a 1911 at an affordable price Llama Firearms is there for you. It appears to be identical to Mod. Request a Call Back. Another feature was the two-piece ball-jointed firing pin, which was designed to never break. Apart from the method of locking the breech, other features of the pistol were highly innovative. Though I speak a few foreign languages they are all of the Slavic and Germanic families. Mod. This makes the action unique to the Llama and eliminates the possibility of fitting Colt parts to the 9mm Llama of this generation. @durabo, So is the company named after the pack animal, the flame or it calls (me to purchase one)? This article was clearly written by an author who went into the review with a preconceived ideathat is not supported by facts. Love it! Guns Pistols Llama Pistols LLAMA . In 1931 it was decided to modernize their line by undertaking the manufacture of the external hammer, recoil-operated system originally designed by Browning and used by Colt and the Fabrique Nationale. NICE BORE! $18.00. Two World Wars later and John Moses Browning's famous platform is still a favorite among shooters everywhere. The Llama MicroMax .380 1911 is a blow-back-operated guns that require a careful balance of slide weight and spring strength. YouTube - Store data on what videos from YouTube the user has seen. Oversize walnut target grips and blued finish only. This cookie is set by GDPR Cookie Consent plugin. V Made in 9 mm. Model 27 (XXVII): .32 S&W Long revolver calibre double action steel-framed revolver. However, the open-topped slide of the Beretta was rejected in favour of a traditional closed slide with ejection port. A quality Spanish made, all steel version, of the 1911. When first issued no model number was assigned but the factory catalog designation was No. Contoured Grips for Comfort. A further improvement of the blowback pattern was undertaken and this second blowback style was issued from 1935 on. After Spanish civil war, company moved its facilities to Vitoria, Spain, where it continued to build handguns under Llama trade name. Both guns were a great success, with one exporter alone shipping 100 pistols a day to the US. Mod. Llama 22lr 1911 Spanish 1980's Mfg - As New (78375ConsDM) (78375ConsDM) This is a used, excellent/as new condition, Llama 1911 semi-automatic pistol chambered in 22 long rifle. It has a set of somewhat improved sights (white dots through a square notch dovetailed to be adjustable), skeletonized hammer, serrated magazine release and front strap, wide and comfortably widened beaver tail, lowered ejector port, and a traditional 5 pound trigger pull (with a quick and audible reset). Llama III Semi-auto. This is not always true, however, as I have successfully fitted Colt parts to later model Llama .45s, which are much more Colt-like. Fabrinor was able to reschedule the debts in 2002 and again in 2003, but even public listing on the stock market didn't help generate the funds required. X. Mod. Up for sale is a brand new, never fired, full size (5 inch "government" model) 1911-style pistol in the original .45 ACP caliber that John Browning designed the pistol around: this is a new production, all steel Llama (Spanish). Llama 1911 .380 Pistol. These cookies ensure basic functionalities and security features of the website, anonymously. Mod. Deluxe "Olimpico" model available. never had a problem. Anyway, yall learn to pronounce the double ell as a Y.. On the other hand, I have repaired numerous extractors. Model 22 (XXII): .38 Special calibre double action steel-framed target revolver. Many other allied nations, and some of the new nations created after the War such as Finland and Yugoslavia also used Ruby-type pistols. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The link pin is sealed in the slot. However, some will be found with non-removable links. is a design and manufacturing . Today the name has been revived along with their Llama Max-1 1911 Handgun model available currently in .45 acp. To remove the extractor, the roll pin is punched out and the extractor simply pushed out. The first Llamas used a magazine much more European in appearance. .45 ACP with a 5"" barrel. YouTube - Store data on what videos from YouTube the user has seen - 2. Fixed or adjustable sights. This cookie, set by YouTube, registers a unique ID to store data on what videos from YouTube the user has seen. I took it to an old blacksmith and said Im leaving for Vietnam, tomorrow. VI may have been given to these pistols. Gun has some aesthetic flaws but overall not bad condition. In 1997, the Mini-Max II was launched. Overall condition is very good. Rounds could then be inserted one by one until the magazine was fully loaded and the panel closed again. It was manufactured from about 1936 to 1954. [2], The Llama M-87 was introduced in 1986. [2], Despite the Omni's lack of success, it was used as the point of departure for the military M-82 design. Model 29 (XIX): .22 LR double action steel-framed target revolver. ALTAMONT offers Llama grips for the 22, 32, and 380 small frame models in an Ultima Panel style with slight thumbrest and palm swell for better control. $15 shipping Please call with any question, "Serial No. One of their most popular pistols for sle is the Llama 1911 Max-I Single 45 Colt Pistol, a favorite of many current and former service members. This is necessary to release the Llamas firing pin. So which is it? Spanish made single action pistol with wood grips. Remove the slide stop pin from the frame. SAAMI Accepts 30 Super Carry As New Standardized Cartridge, SHOT 2022: Federal Premium Announces 30 Super Carry Cartridge, My Shot is Off: How To Sight in a Gun and, Henry 45-70 Lever-Action Rifle Safety Recall, Connecticut Gun Laws 2023: Permit Requirements, Alabama Gun Laws 2023: Permit Requirements, DeSantis Pocket Shot Holster Now Accepts Ruger LCP 380 with Laser. This is a full size gun with a 5" barrel that has a great looking bore with crisp sharp rifling. Take out the base pin, located at the front of the frame and above the trigger. Spanish police issue pistol with ""GC"" marking for Guardia Civil, the Spanish national police. [9], Comanche IV/ .44 Magnum Super Comanche: .44 Magnum with 6 or 8.5-inch barrel, ventilated rib, adjustable rear sight, wide spur hammer, extra wide trigger. III, but this has not been confirmed. You have entered an incorrect email address! Its headquarters were in Eibar in. This specimen was manufactured in 1944. Llama Micromax Pistol - Despite its size, this .380 still functions and performs like a full size with a dovetail front sight and Novak-type rear sight. Model 32 (XXXII): .32 S&W long revolver calibre double action steel-framed target revolver. [8], Comanche III: Renamed Comanche .357 with four- or six-inch barrel, ventilated rib, adjustable rear sight, wide spur hammer. ButRead more . Ill get to that. The only downside is the non-standard grip panels but there are aftermarket options if desired. I say shame on him. However, you may visit "Cookie Settings" to provide a controlled consent. caliber, was issued along with Mod. Its headquarters were in Eibar in the Basque Country, Spain, but they also had workshops during different times in Elgoibar and Vitoria. I found that most factory hollowpoints would not feed, and some wouldnt even feed the first round from the magazine. Quantserve sets the mc cookie to anonymously track user behaviour on the website. Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore reserves the right to modify or change pricing information or descriptions without notice. We shot a dozen or so different 1911s recently priced from the low $400s to well over $1,000. The extractor is of the external type. [1] These are believed to have covered the frame-mounted safety (instead of a grip safety on the original Browning), and the substitution of an internal striker for a hammer. Model 13 (XIII): .38 Special calibre revolver with 4- or 6-inch barrel and ventilated rib. Vlodog-style revolvers in 5.5mm Vlodog, .22LR, 6.35mm/.25 ACP, and 7.65mm/.32 ACP. He had the full range of Llama pistols manufactured bearing his trademark and name, with a variety of minor improvements of his own design. Accuracy is gratifying, even though the pistol had a decade of crud on it which had to be cleaned. Unscrew and remove the two takedown pins located on either side of the frame, just above the trigger guard. It has the durable parkerized finish that many militaries prefer. This was similar in style to the Minimax, with a matte black or satin-chrome finish and 3.75-inch barrel. This is an Alexa Analytics cookie that is used to track user behavior. While cheap guns are a-plenty, well-built 1911s with fitment like the Llama Max-1 are hard to find. $543.00 $424.95. Contact Us; My Account; Cart (0) Firearms; . It was like a trusted old friend. Online shopping from a great selection of discounted 45 ACP Firearms by Llama at Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Shop from Numrich Gun Parts' selection of Llama products today. The extractor is held in the pistol by a roll pin. When a word is a proper name, it doesnt always follows the normal pronunciation or spelling as convention usage, so give them a break. Llama never made a Stainless Steel gun as some report them to be, they are all chrome plated either bright or satin. It only adds continuity to the shooting sports. Llama especials love to explore, so take advantage of that fact by going out on long walks together. The safety was tight and crisp enough, with good fitting. This cookie, set by Cloudflare, is used to support Cloudflare Bot Management. IV. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. To check for an inertia pin, first check the piece to be certain it is not loaded. Advertisement cookies are used to provide visitors with relevant ads and marketing campaigns. The Llama 1911 Basics First, the basic design is very much John Browning's locked-breech single-action pistol. In the late 1970s, the Spanish military began modernizing their handguns. Models with an extended 140mm barrel, but standard length slide were available, as were models with selective fire capability. Many Ruby-types were plagued by poor finish and incorrectly hardened steel parts which after a short period of use wore so badly that pistols fired on full-auto. As you can see in the video below I was not disappointed. Comanche revolvers were the flagship of Gabilondo's revolver range produced from 1975 to 1997. [6] Refer to http://www.carbinesforcollectors.com/llamapage.html for accurate pictures of the guns. the use of a flared muzzle eliminated the traditional Llama barrel bushing and made disassemby easier. A roll pin in the slide is tapped out as well. The ban on the import of Chinese weapons contributed to this models success in the low-cost "1911 clone" market, although there were problems fitting many aftermarket 1911 accessories. Llama 22lr 1911 Spanish 1980's Mfg - As New (78375ConsDM) Gun #: 961384174 Seller: The Exchange ( FFL) GA Sales: 15886 $595.00 Full Details More from this Seller 1 Image (s) Llama III & IIIA Ivory-Like Grips with Naked Lady Gun #: 902937756 Seller: GA_1143125 GA Sales: 1939 $75.00 Full Details 1 Image (s) Clean and lubricate the individual parts and reassemble. I like them all. Get to know your llama. Llama handgun ejector part T-469 OEM for most 45 Cal 1911 pistols Brand New NICE. Beginning in 1904 the Spanish company made a variety of revolvers and semi-automatics. 600 Rounds Winchester 5.56 55Grain XM193 FMJ Stripper Clips & Tool $240.00 FREE S&H REBATE, AR-15 Barrel Length Does It Even Matter? They good guns my dad always cared one was my very first pistol to shoot shot great so I got 1 much fancier but it runs great just bunch of he said its bad so it must be bad so everyone should think the same. THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL LLAMA .22 CALIBER PISTOL. These pistols were produced for decades with the company closing down in 2000. The author clearly doesnt think much of the Llama pistols, and that is fine. And this egregious and highly confusing error is still present, concerning the floating firing pin and whether it is present: If it protrudes, you do not have an inertial firing pin; if it does protrude, you do.. The bottom line seems to be that the author states up front that the Llama is utilitarian and obviously for Noobs. Im certain Llama engineers thought they were improving upon the 1911 in some regards, although there is a greater possibility the slight changes had more to do with circumventing patents. We end up with the opinion that overall the Llama is an interesting variation on the Browning pistol. This is a FAR CRY from the introductory disgraceful statement that the pistol can be made serviceable! The "Vlodog" revolvers are small pocket pistols intended for the protection of cyclists and hikers against savage dogs, typically firing five or six shots, and fitted with a short barrel and folding trigger. As I mentioned, the barrel bushing of the 9mm type pistol is quite like the 1911. Llama 1911 .45 ACP 5". This was a high-grade competition pistol based on M-82 with extended barrel, compensator, muzzle weight, target sights, target trigger, additional manual safety, extended magazine release, extended safety levers, beveled magazine well, and two-tone finish (chrome with blued slide). Place the safety in the "Off" position and your Llama 22 pistol is now loaded and ready to fire. The 9mm magazines have always been peculiar to the pistol, and Colt types will not work. It has been suggested that the name Modello IV may have been reserved for the Tauler pistol which is identical to it. Get creative! After testing was completed in May 1915, the French decided to accept the Ruby as the Pistolet Automatique, Type Ruby and contracted Gabilondo to produce 10,000 pistols a month. Check the chamber to make sure it is empty, and then remove the magazine. This is a pre-owned Llama 1911 semi-automatic pistol featuring a 5" barrel chambered in .45 ACP with fixed sights in a blued finish. X, with the addition of a grip safety, which was added immediately following World War II. When the extractor is forced to make a jump over a case rim, it stretches the extractor and can lead to problems. A variation of the _gat cookie set by Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to allow website owners to track visitor behaviour and measure site performance. While an inability to rapidly modernise its manufacturing capability might have eventually doomed the company, it was the Asian Economic Crisis of the early 1990s that directly brought about the crisis that engulfed Llama. Guns Listing ID: 749603The Llama is a Spanish-made handgun modeled off the Colt 1911. The example pictured here has a vented rib atop the slide though it was also available without it. Private collector with numerous successful (100%) transactions. Remove the slide from the frame. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Llama Firearms, officially known as Llama-Gabilondo y Cia SA, was a Spanish arms company founded in 1904 under the name Gabilondo and Urresti. If it protrudes, you do not have an inertial firing pin; if it does protrude, you do. Add to Cart. The Llama V was chambered for 9mm Largo, .38 ACP, .38 Super, and 9mm Parabellum for sale in the US. The first Omni dispensed with the Browning 1911-style swinging link in favour of the Browning 1935-type fixed cam to lock the breech. Unless otherwise noted, these reviews carry the guns prices at the time of the original review. The main problem faced by anyone working with the Llama is parts. Take out the trigger, sear and hammer strut located at the rear of the frame. Open the action of the gun and remove the barrel from the receiver. Same firm that was founded in 1904 and produced several inexpensive revolvers and pistols prior to 1931. Scorpio and Picolo were Gabilondo's first entry into the compact pocket revolver range since their early revolvers of 19041914. Oddly enough, I once fitted a six-inch Clark Custom barrel and other accessories to a Llama .45 for a fellow just beginning in competition. Nice and easy to carry. The cookie is used to store the user consent for the cookies in the category "Other. Because of regulatory intervention, Fabrinor was compelled to call a special shareholder meeting on 12 January 2005, to reveal fully to shareholders the company's financial situation, its plans to restructure into a limited partnership and the latest plans to reschedule its inherited debts. Bauer Auction Service . Weve loved the MAC Bobcut and SPS Pantera so I had no reservations about taking a ride on a Llama. Most of his products were Llama models marked with his own brand name. J&G Sales currently has a stash of used Llama XIA 9mm 1911's for sale. Automatic pistols made by Gabilondo from 1914 to 1933 were based on Browning F.N. I wish I had seen this back then, I would have jumped on it.Sounds lime a really good gun. Llama Max-1 1911 Handgun Specifications: Caliber .45 ACP Action SA Capacity 8+1 Barrel Length 5 Front Sight Mil-Spec Rear Sight Dovetailed Finishes Matte Blue Grips G-10 Grips Construction. Picolo: .22LR and .32 S&W Long calibre with two-inch unribbed barrel, low profile sights, rounded grips, alloy frame. If you can find one cheap enough you should find a lot to like about the pistol. Llama Pistols for Sale. Then, in the 1980s, Llamas began to appear that would take either the specially designed Llama magazine or the Colt, and finally the latest versions came with a standard GI-type magazine. Exclusive deals, discounts, new product launches, coupon codes and more. Short version of the Mod. For pistols built after 1936 slide . Pull the firing pin and extractor from the slide. Llama 45's are popular on the civilian market. All rights reserved. Remove the barrel from the slide by pulling it off. Add to Cart. Comanche I: .22 LR calibre with 6-inch barrel, ventilated rib, adjustable rear sight, wide spur hammer. Model 23 (XXIII): .38 special double action blued steel revolver. VII, but with the addition of a grip safety. [8], Comanche II: .38 special calibre with four- or six-inch barrel, ventilated rib, adjustable rear sight, wide spur hammer. Llama 1911 .45ACP, Pistol Parts, Slide, Barrel, Recoil Spring. Higher capacities were available for US law enforcement and international sales. Post-Army Graham spent some time in the 3-Gun circuit before becoming a full-time NRA Certified defensive handgun instructor and now works as an industry writer while curating a YouTube channel and blog onthe side.

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